I know this board is hardly active anymore but some people still peek in once in awhile like I do. Wanting to get honest feedback.

My GT only has 26,500 miles, garage kept with car cover and paint STILL in beautiful condition. I hope to sell with all parts that have been removed during modding as part of the deal.

I did a Kelly Blue Book estimate to find a ball park starting point and it told be $25,949 - $28,628. I guess because of the miles. With the extra power that has been added, is $30,000 a good starting point? I still have ALL* the parts that have been removed as I built this car to what it is now. Including the full exhaust from headers to muffler tips. *The only thing I ever sold was the LS intake for a fellow member that needed one desperately.

I'll eventually go to the "other" site and ask this same question because it is more active but I wanted to first see if the more "mature" site has any good feedback on the matter.

Thanks for reading my post.