Swapping out my tb today at 130k mikes. Itís been throwing the throttle position sensor codes. When I removed the original tb, I noticed a small amount of motor oil around the gasket on the mounting plate to the intake manifold. Also, the inside potion of the tb blade (facing into the intake manifold) had some build up of what also appeared to be motor oil that had kinda burned on. A little scrubbing removed it. Iím wondering where the oil might be coming from. Itís 2008 gt with a rotofab cai which I put on when I bought it new. Never put a catch can on. Is this a possible issue? The outside on the blade of the tb is clean and shiny silver, so it doesnít look like itís coming from outside, seems like itís inside the intake manifold. Any info on what to look at is appreciated. Iím trying to post pics, but resizing them to upload is not working atm.