CTS-V sedan (19x9 front and 19x9.5 rear) polished wheels including TPMS (new purchase not reuse) and Continental Extreme Contact tires. Tires have approximately 2700 miles on them and rears measure about 7/32's and front 8/32's. Date codes (2016 and 2017; fronts are same date) are in the picture however all were purchased at the same time from Discount Tire in Buckeye, Arizona. Receipt available if needed. Never any repairs or damage of any kind. The wheels themselves were purchased used in AZ then I removed the clear coat and repaired some minor rash on 2 wheels then polished the living daylights out of them. If they don't sell right away I will hit them all again with wheel polish and make them near perfect. This car has sat at least 8 months of the year since they were installed in 2017 and the car has not been driven hard with them in place. The caps are OEM GM SS caps from a Colorado truck and I have a wrapped gray set of CTS-V caps as well so your choice. Plan to post these in the various SS groups on FB and possibly eBay but I'm not a big fan of either for reasons mentioned here many times by the SS community. Located 45 miles NW of Detroit at my home and willing to ship but UPS and FedEx Ground are rather pricey these days. Figure 70 lbs shipped and dimensions of approximately 28x12 and I have shipped at least 8-10 sets of wheels/tires exceeding GM's shipping standard. I generally spend $100+ on shipping materials so it is done right.

Contact me with any questions via the pm feature and for pictures. Tried loading .jpeg, .jpf, and .pdf and all puked..... Looking for $2500 and pretty locked in at that price with very few polished sets with low mile tires around. TPMS kits alone were about $200 bucks, caps another $170 ish at the time I purchased them.