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Thread: Rebuilding a transmission

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    Default Rebuilding a transmission

    So I've had a G8 almost the entire time since they came out. I originally got the V6 when it first came out and was hoping to be able to afford the GXP in a few years. That was until we all found out Pontiac was going under and the G8 would be gone forever. I only had my V6 for about a year. While I wasn't able to pull off the $40k for the GXP I found a way to do the GT. A few years later after searching for the perfect GXP I found one through a private seller. Unfortunately a few years after I got it do to financial reasons I had to let her go. A few years after that I was able to get another one. I live in Texas and found the car at a dealership in Florida. I had been looking for a specific G8. Obviously it had to be a GXP but it had to be sports red, manual, and a sunroof. My other stipulation was I wanted to find one with under 40K miles. Obviously the lower the better. As soon as I saw the car and it was everything I wanted and best of all only had 17K miles I jumped all over it. But due to the fact I got it from a dealership I have no idea what the previous own had done to it. It looked to be well taken care of. After getting into the car and doing some work to it (Cam, exhaust, headers ect.) it looks as though it had been raced. And I'm not talking about some highway stuff. Now I don't know for certain but that's just my feeling. When I (a friend) installed the cam there was already an aftermarket one in there. Now I don't understand how everything works down there but he said something along the likes of it was "bolted in there" and he had to go thru a lot of work to get it out. Another reason I feel it's been raced is that shifting from 1st to 2nd isn't the smoothest. I mean it will go but when I shift its like it hits a speedbump. There's no sound of anything grinding or anything like that. My thoughts are that if it was raced that the 1st to 2nd shifting when launching might have done some damage to the gears. In the 3 years I've had it I've put less than 3K miles on it. Its still under 20K. I have a daily driver so it sits in my garage most of the time. Its my toy. So while it only had 17K miles on it when I bought it, I just don't know how abused it was in those 17K miles. The car was (still is) in pristine condition inside and out. So after all of that I'm wondering if anyone had rebuilt their transmission or for that matter anything else. I know I could buy "a new one" but most likely it would just be a rebuilt one anyways. I know I could rebuild mine and just upgrade all the goodies inside....or with only having 19K miles on it is this something I should even need to be concerned with/ deal with right now......
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    I vote to take it to an expert and let them go through it. Better safe than sorry. It's your baby, and if it needs parts better to source them now than wait another decade when they will be even more scarce. Seventeen thousand miles of being rode hard and put away wet is the same as 100,000 of daily driving? Maybe. i'm going to have my L80 gone through by a local guy who has been in the auto trans business for more than forty years. He knows it is in a G8 and is chomping at the bit for me to take it out and bring it to him. (Found a transmission jack new on sale for $109!) When I get it back from Darryl I can be sure that it's going to be right, and for a long time to come. That peace of mind is what I need after more than a decade of abusing it surprising and embarrasing 5.0's and Hemis, doing so being hard on it. Isn't that the assurance and peace of mind you are looking for?
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