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Thread: 2012 Camaro ls popping out of 2nd

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    Default 2012 Camaro ls popping out of 2nd

    Hello, I just bought a 2012 manual Camaro ls, it was shifting fine as first, but the a couple days later it started popping out of 2nd gear into neutral when I upshift from 1st… I don’t think it’s done it when down shifting, and once the clutch is fully engaged, it won’t do it again even if I let the clutch out and let it back in…. I thought maybe I was somehow shifting wrong because I’m fairly new to manual, but I had my dad drive it who’s been driving manual for about 30 years now, and it popped out on him too…. Every once and a while when it pops into neutral if it doesn’t get all the way into neutral you can hear the gears grinding, and if I just push the clutch all the way in, put it in neutral and back into 2nd it doesn’t pop out again……. It also doesn’t pop out every time I shift into 2nd, just every once and a while, but it’s scary because it’ll leave me in the middle of traffic going about 17 miles an hour and not in gear…. Does anybody have any idea of what it could be, or if it happened to you if you know why, I’m hoping it’s not the transmission even tho I know it could be

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    Post this on the Camaro forum.....
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    This forum is for the 4 door Chevy SS , built by Holden. You’ll have better luck on the Camaro boards. Good luck!
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