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Thread: Disconnect battery and Instrument Cluster not working

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    Default Disconnect battery and now Instrument Cluster not working


    Have had a 2009 G8 GT for about 3 years. Disconnected battery about a year or two ago and when reconnected the instrument cluster (speed, tach, digital display) was dead and not displaying anything. Check engine and anti-theft light would still come on, but not much else. Everything else worked and car ran (radio, remote locks, lights, turn signals, drives, etc.). I found simple issue and fixed it then.

    Fast forward to today, and same problem after disconnecting battery, but can't remember what I did to fix last time. F5 fuse in trunk is all good and everything else in/with the car works.

    Any ideas?

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    any updates on this? I am checking threads for the dash being out. I know that when my dad gave me the car its battery was bad and that lead to all sorts of issues. fast fwd to present, due to inactivity, the battery died and i replaced it. the install went well however something popped and the dash went out. everything works on the exterior just not on the dash. all components work.

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