Well first off i filled it up with gas and drove home and left it for about an hour, get ready to crank no crank just turning over. Finally i realize u have to press peddle to floor to bust it off. Once cranked it started surging up and down and it will die unless i give it gas. My tuner hooked it up too laptop and didnt see anything wrong! Everything flows good and fuel pressure good. He got it where i didnt have to press the peddle to floor to crank. Had a maf code and tps but says that prolly came from surge. Cleared and drove down road everything still fine. He dont know what it could be! So i changed the purge valve and maf and cleaned tb still does the same thing! I even drove that tank of gas out and replace with some better gas. And i notice sometimes under wot it will not shift. Sometimes i can crank it runs fine like it suppose to but then i can come to a redlight and theres the surge. I dunno what else to do any suggestions?