Well, it happened. I was tuning my maf and I refreshed some new calibration started the car and went to click on my scanner. When I did I accidentally started the flash procedure again. When it started to flash it killed the engine. It went ahead and wrote the calibration and I was able to start the car. Everything seemed normal except now the brake warning was in the dash. I hooked up my tech 2 and I had a code for loss of communication with ebcm and a couple others. STUPIDLY I cleared without writing them down. They have not come back but brake light is still on. I did check the F1 fuse under hood. I can command the light off with the tech 2. I'm not understanding why I can do that if there is no communication. I'd appreciate any help, it's been a long day and I'd love to fix this before I have to figure out what the noise in my newly rebuilt engine is.