Im about to put some headers on my G8 GT but about a week ago me and a friend were working on his Silverado putting headers on there and one of his bolts broke and now he's in that boat n got quoted $1500 to get the broken part removed so he is just going to buy a new head, and now we are super nervous about taking out the bolts on mine lol so I've been watching videos n doing a bunch of reading on all kinds of forums for the car community and really wanna get some advice from others who have done this especially those that have done it to their G8 GT so my question is how hard are these bolts to remove? Did anyone have issues with theirs? Obviously I know every car is different but just want to get a good grasp of this so I know if I should do it or have a shop do it, from what ive seen and read obviously it can happen but seems like on older cars like 30+ years its more likely (duh lol) but yeah just wanna make sure I make the right call on this one ya know? And also if anyone has any tips, tricks, magic spells/dances on how to best go about this without breaking any bolts your knowledge would be really appreciated