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Thread: Throttle body and position sensor issues

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    Default Throttle body and position sensor issues

    Hello all,

    It has been a while since posting here but I could use a little more guidance if possible.
    My 2008 G8 GT just clicked 100000 miles! Ive had it since day 1. Installed a rotfab CAI within the first week of owning the car. Thats the only mod, never had any issues. Till recently.

    the car started going into limp mode randomly a couple months ago. I don't drive it often, but it was happening pretty regularly so I took off the TB and sent it out to have it cleaned and ported. The ECM is still reporting the same issue. I have DC the battery, given it time to "relearn" but im still stuck. The codes have consistently been the throttle position sensor. Ive read all sorts of forums on this and im still uncertain as how to proceed. The main problem being the "gold" or "silver" restrictor plate. I have an early 08. I'm hesitant to go buy a new TB for this issue. The parts stores by me all have several OEM replacements that say they fit an 08 pontiac but all of them have gold restrictor plates. Is this really a problem? Has anyone had any success with an early 08 GT replacing the throttle body without any re tuning needs? Thank for any insight.

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    There is a difference.
    The big one is calibration issues with the tune. If you are tuned and got a good tuner you shouldn't have a problem because this is a common change since the issue started in 09 basically across all ls engines.
    The only other difference is the blade rotates different from each other. But the position sensor functions the same.
    Some people claim they have no issues with a simple recalibrate/relearn via tech2 but most tuners agree it's not the proper way to go about it.

    You are looking for a ls2 throttle body. Not ls3
    Keep in mind that rebuilt ls2 throttle bodies may have been built with a brass (gold) blade since that's basically the only one being manufactured now.
    You can verify its the ls2 style if the bottom of the blade goes towards the intake manifold when opening. (I'm pretty sure that's the direction but verify with the one you have.)
    Because your code is the position sensor I'm willing to bet you will have to replace the tb since it's not a replaceable sensor like the older stuff. It can also be a damaged wire not sending the correct voltage as well.
    The ls2 style tb's are cheaper these days and I wouldn't hesitate with a used oem to save money either.
    Good luck
    2008 GT-M. PBM, #885

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