Hello all, Iím in the middle of gutting my G8 GT and moving it over to a base donor. Basically the GT interior is moving over and most of itís exterior. Painting the rest of the it the MGM to match the pieces. If anybody is looking for something in particular I can see if I have it and set it aside. Iím not really looking to profit from this. Any money would help but itís mainly to help others.

I also have 2 sets of wheels, V6 wheels and the stock GT wheels. Both have nothing major and mainly for those who want/need a set. Tires are shot on them.

Finally, I have 3 fire hawk wheels available. I need to clean them but they looked like they donít have paint/clear chipping, no dents or chips. I can verify and split if needed. 2 have Goodyear RS wheels with less than ~10k miles on it. One wheel the tire is chewed up a little so I wouldnít count it. Iím looking for $400 for the complete tire/tpms/wheel caps

$300 for the one with the bad tire.

Iíd post pictures but with everything going on, PMs and Iíll send what people are asking for.