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Thread: Hard hot start

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    Default Hard hot start

    I recently had a p0128 code thrown after a couple days of lower than normal engine temps. The code was 1st thrown in the same drive cycle that began with the first appearance of long crank slow starts that only happen when the engine is warm.

    I replaced the thermostat and the code has not come back. The long slow warm start persists, however.

    The battery was replaced a few years ago. I don't have any other symptoms of possible voltage issues. I can check the ground stud by the battery easy enough.

    The starter is original. It starts normally when cold. I am intending to get under it and check starter connections this weekend.

    Is there anything else I can look for?
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    Can always take the starter out and have it repaired if it is found to have a fault in the solenoid

    Check the battery connections, connections at the starter etc otherwise - all of those can contribute to a slow start.

    It could be the heat has caused an issue internal to the solenoid or the wiring even. The starters are fairly simple to service [or replace] at a local shop. Some can't be rebuilt internally, i don't recall off hand anymore which starter we have anymore. But you can R&R a solenoid.

    I'd probably check the basics at wiring [positive and ground] connections. Have you tested the battery itself?

    Check voltage drop across the wiring? Check the main distribution underhood
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