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Thread: Need TPMS sensors

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    Default Need TPMS sensors

    Anybody know a good place to get some?
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    I order a lot of stuff from RockAuto. Decent pricing/shipping and no difficulties returning problem items. Speaking of which...

    Avoid Dorman TPMS sensors. 2 out of 4 were DOA when I got a set for a truck a while back.

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    I've gotten all of my TPMS's from Ebay (winter wheel/tire set for my DD pickup, etc). I buy genuine GM units. Our cars take a 315 MHz unit. There are countless PN's, but you should be able to score a set for under $50. I just bought a new set for my G8- one failed (of course, a week after I had new tires installed). Going to do all 4.
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    I just purchased my second sensor from this listing:

    They're used, cheap, have been tested, and match (especially the valve stem design) the OEM ones on my vehicle.
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    I sent a PM a while ago with a new p/n to reference FYI
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    last ones I got replaced I had done at discount tire when I bought new tires due to a crevasse in the road (frost heave I guess) LItterally hit hard enough to crack the sidewalls of the tires.

    anyway - bigger point - since they have to pull the tires off to do it and . . . . . . whatever. THey had sensors that worked with the car - they work perfectly and have for the last 2 years.

    was all of 60 dollars extra. sensor and installed etc. SO might be a thought. Otherwise I would probably order off rockauto
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