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Thread: Might be coming back to the G8 family

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    Default Might be coming back to the G8 family

    So I sold my beautiful clean 09.5 G8 GT with 57k. Purchased a 15 chevy ss with 5k miles. Had it for 7 months and sold it. Thinking about coming back to the G8 side prefer gxp but if not I'll do another GT. Imo I feel like the G8 is a better car especially exterior. Dont have to worry about mag ride going out, all the electronics, and the typical power steering issues ss owners are facing. I'm sure I'm going to catch hell about this lol.
    2009.5 G8 GT
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    get a 14 ss no mag ride power steering was recalled and should have been fixed by previous owner.
    g8 is a nice car dont get me wrong, but SS is superior

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