It all began over a year ago, when I replaced the engine, had the steering shaft disconnected from the rack, and turned the steering wheel to check clearances on something. When it came back together, I had a code that the steering angle sensor needed calibration. Pretty much ignored it for a year, and it would alarm every time I started the car, turning off stability/traction control (but not ABS).

Fast forward to a month or so ago, when I had to pull the header to repair it. I decided to GENTLY move the steering wheel from lock to lock, to ensure that I had it properly lined up and centered, before reattaching the shaft. To my surprise, the SAS alarm went away!

As the weeks have progressed, I began to notice that my steering wheel control functionality was going away, or intermittent at best. Scroll wheels for volume and channel selection work all of the time, but wheel press for mute and select no longer work, and the call start/end and DIC menu/Source buttons no longer function, when the interior is hot, after sitting in the sun at work all day.

When I jump in the car in the garage, in the morning, which cools down overnight from the A/C in the house (no, there's not a vent, but the unit is just on the other side of the door to the garage), every button works fine.

Obvious to me that heat is causing the contacts inside the coil to deflect and lose contact. I'm very familiar with rotary joint operation (RF antennas used to be a big part of my life).

Least expensive one I've found from someone I trust doing business with, is $370.

My question is - does the SAS need a recalibration with a Tech-II after installation of a new SR coil/clockspring installation? I've seen answers both ways, just looking for clarification.