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Thread: Contact dealer/ very low fuel. computer wont read

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    Default Contact dealer/ very low fuel. computer wont read

    so I was driving home last Thursday and got a check engine light. after scanning for codes I got a faulty cam shaft position sensor error. A quick trip to autozone and about 5minutes worth of work and the new sensor was in. when I went to turn on the car I received a very low fuel and contact dealer alert. I received the same alert that was cleared about a month ago by disconnecting the computer. I was unable to clear it this time by doing the same or by disconnecting the battery. Ive checked all the fuses and haven't found any that were blown. I ended up buying another computer that was vin matched. I went to upload my tune after installing the new computer and am still getting the same alerts. any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.
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    What code number(s)? And how is the gas gauge acting?
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    which computer? ECU or BCM

    This is probably not a ECU issue. Before you do anything - unlock the car - with a multi-meter check your battery voltage at the terminals. Hopefully it's 12V+.

    Then start the car - do the same check at the terminals. Should be up over 13V DC.

    If you have a soft battery systems can undervolt which makes computers do odd things. This is a common issue.
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    I don't know how I missed this, but it's possible you have a bad ground.
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