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Thread: WTB: Upper Radiator Mounts (removed when installing a Vararam intake)

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    Default WTB: Upper Radiator Mounts (removed when installing a Vararam intake)

    I have a Vararam intake on my G8 that's falling apart, and I want to convert to a non-OTR intake and mount the radiator back up in the stock position. Unfortunately the Vararam was on the car when I bought it, so I don't have the two-piece upper radiator mounts. (I think that's all that gets removed, aside from a couple wiring harness clips.) Before I spend big money on new parts from GM I figured I'd check and see if anyone has these mounts laying around. Surely not everyone who installed a Vararam threw away the removed hardware, right?
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    I have a set.
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    I also have one. How much are these going for?
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