Selling a used Pioneer DEH-P800PRS Copper Chassis high end audiophile head unit radio CD Player in original box. Excellent condition and 100% functional!
$400 shipped inc. PP fees
$370 local pickup. Located S. FL zip 33009, willing to travel 25mi to meet

It has been modified professionally with long(8ft+) disconnect cable so you can have the faceplate anywhere you want and hide the main unit so it is unseen! Perfect for the G8(or SS) if you want to keep factory radio/head unit(for AC controls etc) and put the main unit in the glove box or even in the trunk. Then mount the faceplate on the top or bottom center console/dash or anywhere else so its easily accessible... Putting the main unit in the trunk makes it much easier to add extra amps with much shorter wiring. It has 3 Pair 5v RCA preouts (EQ, DSP, AutoEQ, Time Alignment, Crossover etc.) and is also powered 50Watts X 4ch unlike other high end hu's which are mostly dead heads.

Wiring is also removable, so the radio can be used normally(Din mounted). I am including a brand new back cover to the faceplate in order to make cable/wiring removal easier, then you can just re-attach the faceplate back to the head unit for normal operation.
Everything shown in the pictures is included:
Includes copper chassis main unit with (male connector end)extension cable zip tied to prevent wires from being pulled out accidentally, faceplate with extension cable(female connector plug), main wiring harness, rca harness, original box, owners manual w/warranty and a brand new back cover for the faceplate

Full list of features and specs can be seen here at Pioneer wibsite: