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Thread: Nagging issue..or normal?

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    Default Nagging issue..or normal?

    Hi all, I have this issue as shown in the video below. I usually drive in manual mode so I get more control out of the transmission. In the video I'm first in 5th gear then I drop it to 4th while WOT, then immediately to third. The issue is going from 5-4 there is a rev and even an unusual noise in the video ( I didn't notice it while driving). Do you think it's slipping? Or maybe overshooting the rev-match? It shifts quickly and smoothly from 4-3 without issue. It's just 5-4 that does this. Maybe the tune needs adjustment.

    I just thought I'd throw this out there to hopefully get some ideas. The trans behaves normally otherwise and the fluid looks fine. Thanks.

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    I thunk the rpm that it down shifts could be adjusted a little. I would check the rpm to see when the tc unlocks.
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