I'm taking oil for turbos.
The dod pump should be good to go I assume. Should I plug the oil relief or will it bleed at a given psi and I'll have the pressure and flow for them?

Also best location to tap oil.
I always took it off the cooler cap above the filter area. The original kit calls for it to come from oil pressure port and T off under the sensor.
I would prefer the lower tap to reduce the amount of oil in the lines that will drain into the turbos after shut down. I will run the return pump set to a minute after engine shut down. The system will also have low psi flow/check valves on the oil supply line before the T to the turbos as well as one on the outlet of the return pump.
The oil return pump will feed from a vented "drip tank" to prevent loss of flow due to the return pump creating a vacuum to the oil feed lines. And after the return pump will be a check valve. Then a non vented accumulator oil can (to separate oil and air better) then drained into either the top of the pan or block. I don't think a vented accumulator is a good idea in the event crank case pressure becomes greater then oil return pressure and causes the can to overflow out the vent. I may even use a small cooler as the accumulator if I can find a good location up high. Though about putting it behind the abs next to the cabin air box.

I also thought about a contained oil system for the turbos.
Feed at a lower psi with less restriction at the fitting. Then a drain into a non vented drip tank pumped above the turbos to a cooler then oil resivor that feed the turbo supply line.

Anyone have some thoughts to share. Or possibly a potential problem I'm missing.