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Thread: traction control off at start up.

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    Default traction control off at start up.

    as soon as i start the G8 and it runs the tests it immediately shows traction control off on the screen. Pressing the button does nothing. scanning the computer shows no codes at all. any thoughts?

    i use to have an the code - P0161 which is the brake pedal sensor. when driving the brake light would go off after releasing the brake pedal unless i tugged up on the pedal. if i didn't catch and drove with the brake light on then traction control OFF would pop up on the screen and then give me the code C0161. but the past could days its automatically shows up after start up.

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    Did you ever figure this out? I got the same problem. Thanks

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    Is the ABS light on?

    I'm going with the typical broken wire in the sensor harness in the rear otherwise.
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