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Thread: Vehicle, Engine and Transmission ID and VIN Location, Derivative and Usage

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    Default Vehicle, Engine and Transmission ID and VIN Location, Derivative and Usage

    Vehicle, Engine and Transmission ID and VIN Location, Derivative and Usage

    A Unique International Standards Vehicle Identification Number (ISOVIN) identifies the complete vehicle. This number is stamped or attached to the vehicle body at the locations shown below. Major mechanical components also have serial numbers and/or identification labels in various locations. It is essential that when compiling warranty claims or product and field reports, that the ISOVIN is quoted in conjunction with the identification data of the component affected.

    International Standards Vehicle Identification Number

    The International Standards Vehicle Identification Numbering (ISOVIN) system is based on the uniform car model designation system. This identifies the vehicle in a coded series of characters.

    The ISOVIN is positioned in the following locations:

    1. ISOVIN plate under the windscreen - Viewed through the windscreen aperture.
    2. Body and option plate - Left strut tower.
    3. Safety compliance plate - Left B pillar.
    4. Stamping in the front floor panel under the front right seat.

    ISOVIN Plate

    The ISOVIN plate (1) is located under the windscreen and is viewed through the windscreen aperture and is attached to the dash panel assembly with unique rosette headed rivets.

    ISOVIN Body Stamping


    If the front floor panel assembly is to be replaced, the ISOVIN will be lost. Contact your local Road Traffic Authority prior to replacing the panel to obtain the correct procedure for renumbering the vehicle.
    A replacement body shell assembly is stamped during manufacture with a unique ISOVIN that identifies it as a replacement part.
    If an error is made to the ISOVIN stamping during manufacture, it is crossed out so that it remains legible and the correct number is stamped underneath.

    The ISOVIN is stamped into the front floor panel under the right front seat. The ISOVIN (2) is visible by lifting the carpet flap (1).

    Body and Option Plate

    The body and option identification plate (1) is located on the left strut tower (2) and contains the following information:


    Combination of letters and numbers identifying the body style and the mechanical pack.

    A listing of regular production option numbers can be found by referring to the latest spare parts information for the applicable model.

    Body No

    International Standards Vehicle Identification Number (ISOVIN).


    Trim combination option code identification.


    Exterior paint material and color option code identification.


    The date of manufacture by calendar month and year in which the body shell and powertrain are conjoined and the vehicle is driven or moved from the production line.


    Suspension option code identification.

    Engine, Transmission, and Axle

    Identification option codes for specific engine, transmission, and rear axle (final drive).


    C60 identifies vehicles fitted with air conditioning.
    C63 identifies vehicles fitted with tri zone automatic climate control air conditioning.
    CJ2 identifies vehicles fitted with dual zone automatic climate control air conditioning.

    Engine Serial Number - 3.6L

    The Engine Serial Number is located on the left side at the rear of the engine cylinder block (1) and is stamped or laser etched onto the block at the assembly plant. When reading the Engine Serial Number the following information can be obtained:

    Engine Serial Number 10H7A H07190001 is used as an example:

    The first two digits, 10 identify the component ID.
    The next three digits, H7A, identify the engine model.
    The next digit, H, identifies the plant code as Holden.
    The next two digits, 07, identify the engine model year as 2007.
    The next three digits, 190, identify the Julian date the engine was manufactured as day 190.
    The next four digits, 0011, identify the assembly plant sequence number as 0011.

    Engine Serial Number - 6.0L

    The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located on the left side rear of the engine block (1) and is typically a 9 digit number stamped or laser-etched onto the engine at the vehicle assembly plant.

    The first digit identifies the division.
    The second digit identifies the model year.
    The third digit identifies the assembly plant.
    The fourth through ninth digits are the last 6 digits of the VIN.

    Transmission Serial Number

    Transmission Serial Numbers provide coded information that could be significant to parts interpretation and should be referred to when ordering replacement parts. Refer to the relevant transmission for the Transmission Serial Number location and code breakdown.

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    Question VINs

    GRRRR8- -Do you know the VIN sequence of the LAST 888 G8s that were made? If not, do you know where I might find this info?

    I'm sure the info is available, but I'm just not asking the right source.

    Thanks a million (or at least 888)

    Upper Marlboro, MD

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