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Thread: Dyno chart after Little Lunati cam swap

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    widebands at the tailpipe usually read a bit lean, add in an exhaust leak and it gets worse. Weld in an O2 bung near the headers and have peace of mind for $150-200. I agree those track numbers are way off.

    Cams with overlap will always smell rich at idle, regardless of wideband readings (which are usually way off anyways). You can make it a little better by trimming fuel or playing with injector timing but you will have some raw fuel in the exhaust.

    Put a wideband in and verify you're running 12.2-12.5 at WOT and be done. If it's still slow after that it's not your AFR.

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    Default Dyno chart after Little Lunati cam swap

    Hey guys.

    I was at the tuner shop yesterday for dyno tune.

    The cam timing reading is not moving while the car is on dynopack, even after 4 times of flashing.

    However, its back to work when we pull the car out for street dyno.

    Have any of folks here had this issue before?

    PS. tuning software - ECUtek

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