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Thread: Odd issue

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    Default Odd issue

    Get home from deployment after my wife has been telling me that the car has been throwing a CEL. Find out it is the P0336 (Crankshaft sensor performance A) so I swap it out thinking it fixes the problem. Next day, car is having issues starting up (turns over slowly or it takes 3 tries to fire) only when the car is hot, no issue on the first start up when it's cold or if I shut it off and start it back up immediately. I replaced the starter motor prior to deployment so it's practically brand new. Replaced the camshaft sensor as well and I am running out of ideas on what this could be.
    Here is a list of all the codes that have been thrown while attempting to fix the problem.
    P0335-Crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction
    P0336-Crankshaft Position sensor A circuit range/ performance
    P0443-evaporative emission vapour management fault
    P0036-heater control circuit Bank 1 sensor 2 (these were deleted since I have no cats)
    P0141-heater circuit malfunction (O2 sensor)
    P2270-Signal sensor stuck lean bank 1 sensor 2 (again, these were deleted)
    Also checked the battery voltage and state of charge and they are both at 12.5V and 80% respectively. Looked over the car to see if there was any exposed wiring in the engine bay and was unable to find anything.

    Side note but also having the A/C coming on by itself which I think may be a resistor problem after doing some research. Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!
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    Replied to your pm.
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    Hey so was this issue ever resolved? What happened? I happen to have all the same codes

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