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Thread: Lakeview 2016 @ Mosport

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    Default Lakeview 2016 @ Mosport

    FB Event Page :

    This is the official thread of the 4th Annual OGOC Lakeview Meet. The Lakeview Meet has grown and improved each year and our mission is always to make the event better than the last. We think you'll agree that we've managed to do just that for 2016. We are so thrilled to announce that this year's Lakeview event will actually be held at Mosport International Raceway (okay, okay… Canadian Tire Motorsport Park ). Now, you might be thinking, "I really like Lakeview Park… why the change?". Well, we love Lakeview, too, but when the opportunity to hold this year's Meet at an iconic, world class motorsports venue like Mosport became a possibility, we just couldn't pass it up.

    Mosport has been described by many as the all-round fastest road circuit in North America and among the fastest on the planet!! It has an incredible, storied history. Jackie Stewart ranked Mosport's thrilling Corner 2 as one of the most challenging corners in the world.

    Lakeview at Mosport
    This exciting and unique venue won't take away from the Meet itself. In fact, several who attended Lakeview 2015 said they would like more time to hang out with fellow Members and check out all the great rides. We've addressed that, and more…

    -- We will have our own dedicated area for the day where we'll hold our Meet.
    -- We won't be travelling to a second location, so we've recovered some time there.
    -- We will not need to worry about any municipal noise by-laws here (because… race track).
    -- We will have our awards ceremony and some cool prizes (as you know, our prizing has been terrific over the past couple of years).
    -- We are free to watch as a very interesting mix of cars participates in an Advanced Driving School on the Grand Prix track (a.k.a. 'The Big Track'). This can range from daily drivers to fully race-prepped cars… Porsche, BMW, Corvette and other performance brands are well-represented and we may even see a few 'exotics'.

    Now, here's the REALLY BIG NEWS… not only will we be bringing our usual Show 'n' Shine & Meet 'n' Greet to Mosport, but we will also have the privilege of participating in some incredible activities throughout the day!!

    The Bonus Activities!!
    -- Throughout the day, we will be able to drive our cars in instructor-led car control exercises on the skidpad. For those not aware, a skidpad is a large paved area, set up with pylons configured for exercises that teach you some of the fundamentals of high-performance driving. So, you'll have an instructor in your passenger seat, guiding you in the proper technique. This is a terrific opportunity to learn more about what you and your car can do in a safe, controlled environment.
    -- We will be allowed to sit in on a High Performance Driver Education classroom session. There is so much to learn and this will give you just a small taste.
    -- This one is very exciting! While we won't be driving our cars at speed out on the big track, we will be allowed to ride shotgun in an instructor's car for a few laps!!! Let me tell you, these guys are FAST!!! It's a thrill ride you won't soon forget!
    -- Toward the end of the day, we will be allowed to participate in a 'Track Walk'. Here, we will drive (slowly) to various highlight points on the big track, where a senior instructor will point out some of the keys to driving the track successfully. This is a an entertaining and very unique way to experience a world class race track.
    -- Finally, we'll be able to close out the day in the modern and beautiful Event Centre, taking in a delicious catered dinner that includes beer and wine.

    Now, you DO NOT have to participate in any of these bonus activities, but it would be a shame not to take full advantage of everything this experience will have to offer. This is an unbelievable opportunity to experience Mosport in a way that many will never have a chance to do. We hope you will be able to attend and represent OGOC and the G8 with pride at Mosport!!

    The Date
    In order to make all of this happen, we have moved our date from the usual 'weekend after Victoria Day'.

    Lakeview 2016 will be held on Saturday, June 11th.

    Given that we are about 4 months away from the date, the exact timing of the day is not yet confirmed. In general, we'll be mixing our traditional Show 'n' Shine 'n' Meet 'n' Greet together with the various bonus activities throughout the day. We do know that the 'Track Ride with Instructor' sessions will be in the afternoon and the Track Walk happens at about 5:00 PM, followed by the dinner and drinks.

    In order to fit all of this in to one day, we will be starting at 9:00 AM, so if you're travelling a fair distance in order to attend, please start thinking about your approach to this (i.e. staying with friends or at a hotel the night before). That said, if you can't arrive right at 9:00 AM, you're still welcome, of course!!

    Food Options
    OGOC will not be bringing in food this year, but you will have a few lunch options. A quality boxed lunch will be available that includes a main item (e.g. a wrap), plus a side, snack and soft drink. The box lunch is $12.00 per person. There is a concession stand at Mosport that offers typical fare (burgers, dogs, etc.) and can come in at slightly less than the Box Lunch. The downside of the concession stand is that there will likely be considerable line-ups at lunchtime, which cuts into your time for doing all the fun stuff. Of course, you can also pack your own lunch/cooler. We will have plenty of water and other soft drinks available throughout the day.

    As mentioned, a delicious, catered dinner and drinks will be served in the Event Centre. For only $20.00, you get a full course meal with dessert and two drinks (beer or wine). This will be a great way for us to hang out and wrap up the day!!

    Most of the costs involved on the day are for food and beverages. OGOC has managed to keep its costs very low and so admission to the event will be very affordable at just $10.00 for an OGOC Member/car, plus only $5.00 for each guest you'd like to bring. Did I mention all prices are in Canadian dollars? That makes it even cheaper for our American friends!

    So, if it's just you and your G8, bringing your own lunch and snacks… $10.00!! Bring a guest and that goes to $15.00. If you go with a full package (admission, lunch & dinner/drinks) for you and a guest, it's only $79.00. All packages are available on the OGOC website (see below).


    How Can All of This Be??? (Oh, it be.)
    This amazing day is possible due to a relationship we've been cultivating with the BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter. OK… insert your best joke about BMW owners here and get it out of your system!

    Seriously, though, The Trillium Chapter has been together since 1973 and conducts several Advanced Driving Schools, Racing Schools and Street Survival Schools each year. Trillium's events draw roughly 50% BMW's and 50% other vehicle owners. Their generosity and willingness to work with us to have our Club hold our Meet at their event has been truly impressive. According to one of the Trillium Club members, they expect a lot of curiosity and interest in our cars from their members.

    I love it! Sign me up!!
    Hang out with fellow G8 owners AND experience a magnificent, world class motorsports facility in this unique way… uhhhhh… yeah, I'm in! Here's what you need to do now…

    Step 1 : Go to the OGOC website at and click on the 'Lakeview 2016' link.
    Step 2 : If you haven't done so already, register on the site to access the site's private content, including the Lakeview 2016 page.
    Step 3 : On the Lakeview 2016 page, add the package of your choice to the cart and checkout/pay using PayPal.
    Step 4 : Receive your confirmation eMail.
    Step 5 : Start getting yourself and your G8 ready for Lakeview 2016!!
    Step 6 : Figure out a way to NOT lose your mind waiting for June 11th.

    In Summary…
    WHAT? : Awesome day for OGOC Members & guests
    WHEN? : Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at 9:00 AM
    WHERE? : Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (fine, we'll call it that, so you can find it on Google Maps )
    WHO? : You, of course!
    HOW? : Register and order at
    WHY? : Invalid question.
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    Registration is now open! All welcome

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    We have about 25 people signed up so far, inlcuding one from Michigan! All are welcome! Photo from last year!060A8805.jpg

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    Sponsors have been announced!

    1. BMW clubs of Canada - Trillium Chapter, they have donated the use of the facility for the event!

    2. Solo Exhaust - You could win an Axleback exhaust & Install!

    3. The Badge Man- Refreshments for the day, visit him on FB to put in an order to pick up at the event! Order today before his pre order deadline of May 7 !

    4. Simply Tire- A chance to win gift cards and tire related swag! Visit them in Toronto on Toro Road!

    5. Viva Media- Run by Matt Watts he will be providing private prepaid photo sessions at the event. Log in to for more details!

    6.(V) TBA

    7.(D) TBA

    8.(R) TBA

    More to be announced shortly!

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