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Thread: Spring rates & pads.

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    Default Spring rates & pads.

    Hey guys so I've been doing some road racing with my G8 which has basically become my track car at this point. I'm still struggling with the setup as the car feels too soft. Obviously shedding some weight wouldn't hurt, however I'm trying to see if I can shore up some problems with spring rates. Also lets talk brake pads.

    Here is what I'm currently running:

    BC Racing Coilover Kit 8kg/mm Front, 12kg/mm Rear
    BMR Unibody Brace
    BMR Driveshaft Tunnel Brace
    BMR Trailing Arms Polyurathane
    BMR Trailing Arm Outer Bushings Polyurathane
    BMR Toe Rods Polyurathane
    BMR Rear Cradle Bushing Inserts Polyurathane
    BMR Strut Mounts Polyurathane
    BMR Strut Brace
    BMR Sway Bars (Front @ Max Setting, Rear @ Medium Setting)
    DBA 4000 T3 Slotted Club Racing Rotors
    Hawk HPS Pads

    On the coils I feel like going to something like a 9kg/mm or 10kg/mm for front and 14kg/mm rear would help. What are you guys who road race running? I'm seeing a lot of overall body bounce which can really disrupt handling even on straight shots or gentle curves when there are dips/crests.

    On the pads, how much better are the HP+ pads? Are these a real race pad? Are there any other options for these cars? I'm getting fade way too fast on the HPS pads, I can get maybe 6 laps in (2.4mi track) and I'm feeling the fade hard and even getting some smoke. I am getting decent speeds, 120+ on the straights so I'm sure thats contributing.

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    You Sir, are my hero! i wanted to track the G8, but bought a miata for track duty instead.
    when you hit the track, what setting are you putting the dampeners at?
    when i autoX'd the G8, i was on BC coilovers, 9k front springs, 12k rears set at stiffest setting. same swaybar settings as you, still oem trailing arms and bushings.. the autoX venue is a crumbling WW2 runway, i routinely took sweepers at 60. it was harsh over the bumps, but i wouldnt say bouncey. it felt surprisingly planted

    for springs, hypercoils makes a line of 2.5" diameter that fits our front BC's. i ran 6" tall 8k(450lbs-inch?? iirc) to drop the car even lower. but i dont know of any options for the rear.

    also, i'm surprised you're not running at least 4 pot bremebos. you could do ctsv 6 pots up front with hawk pads for about $1200. and the massive ctsv rotors can hold the heat waaaaaay better than stock sized rotors.
    -you'll have to get new wheels to clear though

    if you're stuck with stock, then i'd say hawk hp+ at a minimum, as it is an autoX/track day pad that you can daily drive on... the hawk hps is a high performance "street" pad. and some vette racing friends said some carbotechs were even better.

    2009 GT
    rotofab cai, kooks lt's, tune, 3.27 gears, bmr sways, 6/4 pot brembos, hawk hps, button paddle shifters, 275/30/20 square setup. occasionally autocrossed

    PB = 12.783, 3.70 gears, fbo and tune.

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