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Thread: Need advice from LY7 GURU KNOW IT ALLS PLEASE!

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    Default Need advice from LY7 GURU KNOW IT ALLS PLEASE!

    Ok.. so recently i heard of someone with a LY7 Equipped G6 swapping the heads out for the GMC acadia heads and they made more power.

    I tried getting a hold of the guy on FB but no answer from him.

    So what i have found out is that the heads from both the Acadia and V6 Camaro are direct port injection.. ours are not.. The question i have is two fold.

    1. How much of a process wold it be to swap the heads and do the necessary changes in fuel management to make them work.
    2. If i stick with my stock heads and have them ported/Polished and milled.. could i throw a V6 OEM camaro Cam in it to make the extra power? Would this work

    Thanks in advance..


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    if your looking to get head work done id go order a cam that would suit the work done to the heads look up mace engineering they wont steer you wrong. im still planing out my v6 motor build

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