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Thread: Lost a fellow G8 member

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    This is very sad to hear for me. Tom was a very good BMR customer and a guy I really enjoyed talking to when he called. He was always very enthusiastic about his G8s and was always open to advice and very appreciative. I literally talked to him right before Christmas because he placed an order with us on 12/19 for some parts.

    I talk to lots of people everyday so being able to remember Tom just from talking on the phone to him shows what kind of guy he was.

    RIP Tom
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    RIP brother.
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    RIP Tom, very helpful through PMs and posts.
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    My name is John Brown and Tom was my big brother who passed away in his sleep of a heart attack on December 20th 2013.
    This may not be the right place to introduce myself but after joining this site and another I wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments made about Tom.
    Anyone who has met my brother knew he was very passionate about cars and treating his customers and friends with great kindness. He was for a long time hooked on the Impala SS and later fell in love with the G8's.

    Thank you GTX for starting this thread and all the kind words from you and everyone else here. It has been a while since Tom has passed, the wound is now a scar and I thought I would give everyone an update on what is going on.
    As most know Tom had two G8's one is Blue (Emily) and the other is Maroon (Betty) as Tom had names for every vehicle he owned. I am a truck guy as my hobby is bowhunting Deer and Turkey and just about everything else you can imagine.
    I am keeping Betty as it is more of an every day driver and it is my memory of Tom's passion that I will hold on to forever. My brother and I lived over 600 miles apart since the early 80's when he moved to Texas (I am still in IL) but we still talked quite often. My brothers wishes were to be cremated and he wanted his ashes thrown out the window while doing 140. I was honored to carry out his wishes exactly one year after his passing with our mutual best friend while driving Betty on that sunny afternoon.

    Now to fast forward onto Emily. As some as you may know Tom wrecked Emily in mid 2013 and it was only the back end of her that was damaged. Tom was in the process of restoring her when he passed. It has been a long journey but Emily has now been professionally repaired after all this time. I just had her tuned at V8 speed & restro shop in Red Bud which is only about 20 minutes away.
    She had her first dyno run last week and come in at 600hp with 538 @ the back tires. They told me she easily has another 50 to possibly 100 in her if I want to spend the money with them and fine tune her on the dyno.
    I am not a speed junkie as I said earlier I am a hunting junkie lol. I have been working some long hrs but hope to have time in the near future to take some pictures of both cars together and I will then be putting Emily the supercharged animal up for sale as she is not something for me to have. I simply wanted to have her restored to what I hope is something that will make my brother proud as he was my rock since our parents passing in 95/96. To my big brother - I love you, miss you and think about you every day!
    Sorry for the long post everyone as this is my first here but if anyone has any stories or wishes to contact me about this post please feel free to contact me.
    John Brown

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    John, thank you for posting and making this more personal for some of us who didn't know your brother personally. God Bless.
    Rest in Peace Charlie!


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