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Thread: H-Pipe may outperform X-Pipe on the V6

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    Default H-Pipe may outperform X-Pipe on the V6

    I had an opportunity to ask Summit Racing what their opinion was on the X-Pipe vs. H-Pipe debate for the G8 V6 and below is what they said. This solidifies my decision to go with an H-Pipe. I have always leaned that way. Planning on doing it around Christmas time. I would love to hear some feedback on this.

    Do any V6ers have an H-Pipe?

    A little concerned about the potential for Drone.... We shall see...

    ""Due to the small CID of your engine, an H-pipe setup likely will perform better than an X-pipe setup. It's hard to say for sure though how the vehicle will react to either due to it's small size engine and in a lot of cases conventional V8 ideas on making power do not equate to more power in V6 applications."

    Did also say that

    "Installing the H-pipe setup in place of the mid mufflers will increase the flow capabilities of the system greatly but also will likely greatly increase exhaust drone quite a bit at lower cruise rpm's. Making this change will likely also make the exhaust tone deeper. "
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    im installing the h-pipe in my car along with the pacesetter long tubes and some long ass glasspacks in place of the resonators

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