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So.. lol, i placed the catch can in from left rear valve cover, out into the port in the intake. isn't that the same line you just put the can in the middle of? int he pics the white dots are just on the front of engine. and the out i think was yellow. i had a breather in the top of can. could that be why all the moisture came from? why it looks like water in the can and tube? should i plug the top of can and remove the breather? thanks.
Catch can is usually routed between the vc and tb(valley cover to cc in port then cc out to throttle body). There's a short u shaped hose there stock. Also if the can is vented on top and not a one way out vent(which would let excess pressure out but no air in) , your letting unmetered air into the system which is bad. Could also be the cause of excess water building up in the cc...

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