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Thread: 2009.5 Sunroof Fix - Module Available

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    Default 2009.5 Sunroof Fix - Module Available

    I have a 2009.5 G8 GT where you have to hold the sunroof switch up for the roof to move. I did not like having to hold the switch up and have developed a module, that taps into the existing wires to prevent this. It has the following features:

    1) push & release button when car is on to move roof to new position
    2) switchable on/off auto-close feature. When car is shut off, roof will move to closed position automatically.

    The youtube video will show the operation of the module. Please PM or email me ( if you are interested and I will respond with initial pricing. It is significantly cheaper than a 2009.1 sunroof module and also integrates the auto-close feature.

    The module requires tapping into the existing wires in the roof, no significant modification! It also will fit above the headliner and will not be visible as is shown in the video. If an external switch is desired, that can be accomidated for. I mounted a switch in the panel for the switch so that I can turn on/off the auto-close feature easily.

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    Are these modules still available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robd5078 View Post
    Are these modules still available?
    You're better off picking up a 2008 module (P/N 92202368 - 1st design); that's what I did.

    You simply turn the wheel to a specific position and it moves. If you want to stop the motion, just press the button and it stops.

    When the car is off and you turn the switch to a specific position and then start the car, the sunroof will not move. To make it move, you push the button once and it moves to the position that was set before starting the car.

    It is very convenient, especially in a manual car. Probably the best modification I've done to the car.

    EDIT: Webasto P/N 1701848. You'll find a lot of these on eBay for different vehicles. They seem identical to ours. The problem is most likely the software it's programmed with for the specific cars. And that is indeed the problem with the second design used in G8s where you have to hold the button for operation.
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