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06-11-2014, 04:44 AM
It has come to that time of the year again!! June 28th has been designated for your next meet! This year the event is open to ALL Pontiacs!

Lafayette, IN, June 28th, will host our upcoming Invitational.

As in past years, there will be a meet, a cruise, and a BBQ. The event is rain or shine!! Most of you know what to expect, but for all the newbies:

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I feel as I should apologize for the monumental delay in posting this event.

This year the cruise-in will begin Friday night, with attendees seeking their own hotels. Saturday morning will the our first photo op. There is a track event scheduled this year. I am still waiting on confirmation of a Pontiac only track period ahead of the regularly scheduled event. (drift and drag) Scheduled event starts at noon and runs till 9. We will likely not spend all afternoon at the track. I have loosely planned a group cruise and second photo op. Dinner will be around 6pm eastern. From there, plan on heading over to the drive-in movie theatre and our last photo-op of the day followed by at least one movie on the big screen. (movie tbd) All of this is ended by a scenic (however in the dark) (safely) cruise back to Lafayette where we will disperse.

I am planning events for Sunday for those who still remain. Sat / Sun events can be swapped for weather conditions, so be prepared for either case.

Make sure you all bring some cash. The track requires $10 gets you in the parking lot, and $20 gets you to race. I'm also probably going to ask for $5 to help cover some of the food and drink costs. If anyone wants to paypal me ahead of time, and not worry about remembering on Sat., my paypal is cademessick@gmail.com (gift please). As in years past, I will have cooler loaded down with ice and water. Other beverages (like lemonade and soda) will be provided at lunch and throughout the rest of the afternoon too I'm sure. Alcoholic beverages will NOT be provided, as I am not making this an "of age" event, as minors may be present. You will be asked to keep those items in your possession. Your discretion will be pinnacle in maintaining a safe environment.

Stay tuned for updates!!

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06-11-2014, 05:23 AM
Perhaps I missed it, but I would make it clear where this is going to be held. I saw you were driving BACK to Lafayette, but I'd post it up for those without FB accounts.

06-11-2014, 08:41 AM
My apologies!! post fixed