View Full Version : seriously guys be there! GTA

09-25-2013, 06:58 PM
ok tomorrow is Ertefa...

if you dont know what it is... you live under a rock...

its Ontario's Biggest Weekly Car Meet!!!! and seriously if im the only g8 there again im gonna be upset... so please... get off your @$$ and be there

JerryV bring your g8 man we met last ertefa youre a cool dude lol

heres the deets (details)

Where: Hwy 7 and weston (a little west on 7 past weston rd) look for a street called Nova star drive its in the canadian tire parking lot.. heres an actual address (its for milestones across the street but its on the same street guys)

3900 Ontario 7
Vaughan, ON L4L 1A6 (google map this)

When: Tomorrow i know its a lil short notice.. but im telling you its worth it!
Exact date: Thursday Sept 26 2013
Time: it starts at 10pm but i get there early to help out and get a primo spot! im there by 8pm usually... cuz im nuts

What to expect?:
ok so now that you know this should be stickied... seriously! guys its like a fast and the furious movie... last thursday about 750 cars showed up! the week before that about 1000!!!! it spans 5 to 6 parking lots, all are full of crazy cars that you wont see anywhere else just to name some ive seen... Supras,vipers,gtrs,gtos,g8s,skylines,Aventador,lam bos,ford gt,corvettes ETC

i kid you not... do not put your car away without seeing this shiz
maybe ill see you guys there?

i better lol