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  1. G8 Pinouts for Harnesses(Radio, Fact. Amp, accessory voltage, etc.)
  2. Hood Vent Mod
  3. Badge/Decal Removal
  4. Tire Road Hazard Warranty
  5. Sunglass Case Buzzing/Vibration
  6. DIY Door Panel Removal/Speaker Installation
  7. Upgraded shift knob to red hot!
  8. Installing the GRRRR8 Heater Hose Kit
  9. Installing Holden Badges
  10. Glovebox Vibration
  11. Taking out Taillights
  12. droopy front bumper/grill
  13. Stock Air Box / Snorkle Mod
  14. Sunroof Mod???
  15. DIY Tinted Tails
  16. DIY Tinted Headlights / Covers
  17. DIY Oil Change - Are there Low Profile Ramps for G8GT?
  18. Block Off Panel for New Era CAI
  19. From Melbourne to Cleveland in three days!!
  20. REDUCING drone! (NOT eliminate)
  21. Dimming the Airbag Light on Rearview Mirror
  22. Installation of Elite Engineering Oil Catch Can on 2008 G8 GT
  23. GTS Dash...
  24. DIY - Passport SmartCord Install
  25. WOW, dynamat is awesome!
  26. How to install a homelink controller...
  27. Torque specs for oil sump?
  28. Atari Block off Panel
  29. Reflector Removal for tinting
  30. Hasselhoff gave me the hookup.
  31. Backyard wheel refinish
  32. Install of cam, stall and WB O2 in garage
  33. Dechroming the factory grilles
  34. Heater/radiator hose i.d.?
  35. Ghetto Tech: I made a catchcan (not looking to sell them, just offer up an idea)
  36. Trailer hitch for the G8
  37. Anyone do a home made HSRK?
  38. Passenger Seat Slider Fix - with Pics
  39. car ramps
  40. DIY: Differential Mount Bushing Replacement
  41. dallas tuner shops
  42. $20 Oil catch can
  43. Underdrive pulley hard to install?
  44. Color Match Splash Guards w/ Pics
  45. List of Free Mods with Links
  46. Oil Prices Mobil1 and Royal Purple
  47. Homelink in visor--DONE
  48. On-line parts catalog
  49. Ez i pod mount
  50. Headlight rear cover part number?
  51. Vararam Install for a Newb (to the mod scene at least)
  52. Tired of scraping curbs.
  53. a new take on the "washer mod"
  54. Front Badge Enhancement
  55. adding amp & subs help needed
  56. Modifying the Crazy Paul rad cover?
  57. Has anyone ever used pre-cut window tint?
  58. Cupholder buzzing
  59. My version of the LP mod...
  60. OTR Front Grill Mod.
  61. updates on DIY stuff
  62. Did my V8 badges today
  63. Side Marker removal
  64. lighter
  65. DIY - De-badging Your Vehicle
  66. GRRRR8 block off block
  67. Has anyone taken out the vanity mirror light
  68. Rearview mirror pass. airbag light
  69. Swap Rearview Mirror To Auto Dimming Mirror
  70. Help electrical
  71. Crazy Paul's Integrated GPS Trim Package installation guide.
  72. Dome LED replacement
  73. G8 Tail Lighting
  74. Mesh filter/screen in the top of the airbox lid
  75. DIY Wish List For Mods
  76. Painting lower front grill and foglight grills?
  77. Homemade CAI for $135.67
  78. Pedders Suspension Mod tutorials
  79. Front License Plate
  80. Front Bumper skid plates 101.
  81. Part most in need of a fix
  82. guage install
  83. DIY car ramps
  84. Service Manual Availability?
  85. Bumper protection and plate frames
  86. Steps To Eliminate AC Funk
  87. painting highlites on gauge cluster
  88. Easy 7 Step Axle Back Swap Instructions
  89. Help.... In the middle of installing a hid kit from spencehid
  90. Side Blinkers
  91. Ported my throttle body today
  92. DashHawk Switched Extension
  93. Rear Seat Cup holder
  94. Replacement Engine Cover for V6
  95. Roto-Fab radiator cover with volant install
  96. Need ideas on how to bend 4" tube
  97. 19" wheel hub replacement
  98. DIY- Ported Intake Manifold
  99. Question about painting my coils.
  100. Sunroof Panel Rattle Relief
  101. fog lamp bulb replacement
  102. Drivers Window Hitting Inside Door
  103. Question
  104. Anyone know how to remove the arm rest cubby??
  105. Poor mans intake questions opinions (pictured)
  106. Capped Helmholtz chamber (Drone Eliminator)
  107. Cooled Seats
  108. Added a little Heat Shielding
  109. Rear Back-up Sensors Installed NO DRILLING!
  110. Is 3/4" too big...
  111. Lighting (not lightning) for my feet
  112. Anyone sealed their hood vents yet?
  113. Got paint?
  114. How to Bake your Lights!
  115. Air silencer delete
  116. 2009.5 Owners who hate the function of the sunroof switch.
  117. rectangle dynotune gauges in cubby
  118. Hardwired radar detector install
  119. Cabin Air Filter
  120. Footwell Lighting
  121. Silly ?
  122. Door Panel Retainers AutoZone Part Replacement
  123. newb qustion on screen
  124. DAM - Dollar Antenna Mod :)
  125. Gap on front nose fix....
  126. LED interior floor lighting installed
  127. Aux Input Cables (The Right Way)
  128. Steering WHeel Swap ... need some help.
  129. Guage Cluster Change
  130. Key FOB Detail
  131. Trying to replace fog light bulb; airdam won't come down!
  132. Christmas Present Installed
  133. DIY Catback MagnaFlow
  134. installed LEF under brow....lol
  135. Vanity mirror lights in sun visor replace
  136. Rear Spoiler Removal
  137. Grocery/shopping bag hooks/holders in trunk
  138. Best GPS for Trim Package Mod
  139. Rear Mounted Back-up Camera
  140. Anyone Built Their Own Muffler???
  141. What Would I Need to Paint This? ~Experts Help~
  142. DIY Muffler Build
  143. Need some immediate HID help please
  144. Wiper blade sweep closer to A pillar
  145. Completely Remove Glove Box - Help!
  146. DIY: footwell lighting
  147. Room for a single DIN GPS\DVD?
  148. Removal of overhead map lights
  149. How To: Check for an interior leak
  150. hook up cheap g meter
  151. DashHawk Switched Extension II
  152. Install Glove Box Light
  153. Suede Fabric
  154. Smokers Kit
  155. WD TV Mini Installed!!!!
  156. GXP Diffuser Install
  157. Cabin Air Fliter DIY
  158. Adding sound deadner behind headliner
  159. Breaking into the G8 after you lock keys in trunk
  160. Happiness is some kind of Nav!
  161. Catback,cai,sc cortex....... Question??????
  162. How to remove sunroof?
  163. Rear windshield wiper?
  164. How do I get the Side marker/repeaters off?
  165. DIY Non AFM Cam Swap Reference, Tips, Pics
  166. DIY: Remote Start Heated Seats
  167. seat bracket - ideas needed!
  168. DIY: Painting Rims *THE EASIEST WAY*
  169. DIY Stealth Mode??
  170. Drag race fuel system planning thread
  171. DIY In Depth Homelink in Visor
  172. Assembling Teflon fuel lines?
  173. remove a/c?
  174. 2008-2009 pontiac g8 parts list manual catalog
  175. Lonnie's pump through a hole?
  176. Fuel lines- hard line to AN?
  177. DIY BAP Install
  178. Plastic fuel line connectors- how to remove?
  179. Fuel line routing with Lonnie pump
  180. Lonnie's pumps electrical?
  181. Lonnie pump electrical
  182. Mike Norris Catchcan and Heater Hose Relo
  183. How to Change Fog Light Bulbs
  184. Lower panel: do we need it?
  185. Lonnie pump DIY
  186. Tail light removal?
  187. Big knob on outboard lower rear of front seat
  188. DIY Fuel Tune
  189. Center Speaker Resistor Mod
  190. Front cap removal?
  191. VE HSV Gauge Face Replacement
  192. DIY: rear bumper removal and install with pics (for dummies)
  193. GXP Bembo Install
  194. Recommendations for trunk-mounted bike rack?
  195. DIY: Australian hitch (class 3) install with pics
  196. painting intake cover questions
  197. Melting Sunglasses...
  198. catch can with vararam
  199. Thule roof rack on a G8?!
  200. G8 Foot Well Lighting Made Easy?
  201. air pan for hood scoop
  202. Remove trunk lid?
  203. Solution to the randomly falling glove box door problem!
  204. Spencers HIDS Install
  205. My backup camera install
  206. Blazin's Audio install thread
  207. CTEK Comfort Indicator Panel Install
  208. Fuel pumps
  209. Shifter Conversion
  210. My glovebox light has gone intermittant
  211. Line lock install?
  212. Heated Rear Seats
  213. Po' Mans $20 radiator cover
  214. Taking my front seats out.
  215. DIY Caliper painting...
  216. E Clip - Where does it go?
  217. Metal wire gizmo found in trunk - where does it go?
  218. DIY Cabin filter product feedback - not good
  219. Steering Wheel
  220. GXP diffuser
  221. Reversing Stock Sub wires.
  222. Removing radio/HVAC controls faceplate?
  223. NHRA/IHRA legal battery system
  224. How to port our throttlebodies?
  225. Lens swap
  226. Heater Hose Relocation - with PICS!
  227. Power Steering Reservoir Relocation - w/ PICS!!
  228. Removing steering column trim pieces?
  229. Neat Way to Clean Fuel Injectors on a bench
  230. Procedure to remove front fenders ?
  231. Squash double pumper, twin 340s, return set up
  232. Deep Trany Pan DIY
  233. Need Airbag module replacement info
  234. Free Key Fob Fix.
  235. Brainstorm cooled seats
  236. DIY garage space rental in Plano, TX
  237. I Changed the Dash Inlay and Added Something else.
  238. Buttons on the steering wheel
  239. Installing Gforce anti-hop axles.
  240. CD changer "Mechanism Failure" Fixed
  241. DIY: instead of DRL headlights, have your fogs (or anything) act as DRL
  242. Door lock issue after speaker install
  243. Taking flip key apart
  244. DIY: Oil Pan removal/installation (GXP M6)
  245. taillight lens removal
  246. Splitter installed
  247. 3M HAF Custom Cabin Air Filters
  248. Rear aux cables
  249. Noisy valvetrain/lifter tips......
  250. Quick question on the door skin...