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  1. Factory Brake Specs
  2. Photos of Pedders Track II installation
  3. Ready for winter
  4. GXP Brake upgrade
  5. Suspension Assistance for G8s
  6. Are bushings really the BIGGEST problem?
  7. 2 Photo Essays on G8 and suspension
  8. Baer brakes fitting 6 piston calipers as we speak to G8
  9. Lets see some painted caliper pics
  10. Pedders working with GM Performance on Camaro
  11. New rotors!!
  12. Clicking/popping in the steering?
  13. More good Pedders news for me!
  14. Pedders Day in Rochester, NY at New Era Sept 20th. Need training G8
  15. Photos of my completed Pedders Track II installation.
  16. Great way to increase caster, improve handling and steering
  17. Great way to increase caster, improve steering, and handling
  18. Pedders & VE engine cover photos
  19. Suspension pieces for drag racing.
  20. Pedders Day photos
  21. Lug nut torque?
  22. Pedders Day Sept 20th, Martinsville, Va. 2 G8s needed. Meet DMS
  23. Dropped springs
  24. Eibachs installed
  25. New pictures with Eibach Drop
  26. Rear Spring Change
  27. Painted my Calipers (Red)
  28. Suspension
  29. Pedders Kits and parts
  30. AP Racing Big Brakes
  31. Brembo Brakes
  32. vibration at steering wheel at 60mph...
  33. Meet Pete Basica and roadtest the best handling G8 in he world!!!
  34. Pedders strut bar
  35. Certification G8s needed St. Louis Metro Area. Pedders Day Meet DMS
  36. anyone using Whiteline suspension products?
  37. Pedders Day Oct 25th Chandler, AZ. Certification G8s needed. Nice discounts
  38. Brembo's
  39. NEW LOWER PRICES on Pedders Dampers and Kits
  40. Front Strut Removal
  41. Strut Tower Brace
  42. Drop Springs
  43. Line lock and ABS
  44. Baer 14" Big Brake Kit - Gravana Group Buy!
  45. Hey Pedders Guys!
  46. Roll cage?
  47. Red or Black?
  48. Pedders steering mount bushing
  49. Pedders Xmember bushings & Free labor in SF Bay area
  50. Another reason for drifts and pulls found by Pedders Au and solution
  51. BMR Sub-Frame connectors
  52. SEMA Show GXP with bad strut bearings!
  53. New Pedders Dealer in SF Bay Area. Certification G8 needed
  54. Premature strut bushing issues on low mileage G8s
  55. Coil Overs - 1 Set left
  56. What bushings will I "need"?
  57. new Pedders Dealer in St. Louis Area. Certification G8 needed
  58. Pedders Parts, In Stock Have to Move Them
  59. Brand Ambassador Position -- Apply Live Online
  60. Pedders certifiction g8 needed for greater san antonio area
  61. I need torque numbers for caliper bolts.
  62. Wretched/Pedders $1000 Christmas Give Away
  63. DBA Brake Rotors - New Everyday Low Prices
  64. what is a cheap easy fix for wheel hop?
  65. Pedders questions!
  66. other stuff from bmr
  67. Painting Calipers
  68. G8 GT brakes in the wet?
  69. Pedders Xa Adjustable Coil Over Kit - Pre Sale
  70. Pedders official sale pricing!!
  71. Xa Coil-Over Strut mount plates
  72. Pedders Street II eXtreme Xa Package
  73. Stock sway bar diameters?
  74. G8 Pedders question..
  75. End Of Year Sale - FREE Shipping on DBA Rotors
  76. Will 55 Offset Work?
  77. Pedders strut mounts-1/2 price at RR LLC
  78. Installation of BMR Strut Brace
  79. Stainless brake lines?
  80. G8 vs Curb
  81. Another Eibach Spring install plus Tinted Tails
  82. Cheap and easy way to remove your stock rubber bushings to install Pedders bushings.
  83. Brake lights
  84. ESP self-cycling!
  85. Suspension: the definitive question thread.
  86. Pedders parts prices are changing any day! Act now
  87. SubWoofer: A Cure for Wheel Hop?
  88. I need a bumper but thank God for Pedders!
  89. G8 -vs- GTO -vs- Holden Commodore -suspension(air ride related)
  90. BMR Launches New Product - G8 SubFrame Connectors (SFC013)
  91. Pedders and New Wheels Installed @ Haddad's Today
  92. BMR Launches New Product - G8 Strut Tower Brace (STB012)
  93. Pedders dealers/installers in Houston?
  94. Steering wheel too hard!
  95. ALL PEDDERS packages ON SALE at SNL!
  96. Russell Brake Lines
  97. Check Out This New Front Strut Brace
  98. BMR Launches New Product - G8 Trailing Arms (TCA026)
  99. Brembo/Stoptech Braking System for G8 GT?
  100. Stock Alignment Specs?
  101. review of Pedders caster washers
  102. Power Motive brake bleeder/ master cylinder
  103. Pedders at Chicago Auto Show for GM
  104. Ready to drop
  105. Aftermarket Front Brake Pads?
  106. Supsension Installed (pics)
  107. BMR Swaybars are getting close....
  108. so what is Brembo aftermarket working on for the G8???
  109. Documenting & Sharing the Pedders eXtreme Xa Coilover Experience
  110. Pedders Extreme XA Coilovers are here!!!
  111. What are my sway bar options?
  112. BMR Group Buy For GRRRR8.net!
  113. Rear Swaybar only??
  114. Thinking of doing a 1" drop on front and back
  115. Eibach installed but!!
  116. Rear brake dust
  117. Any write ups on replacing differential mount bushings?
  118. BMR parts
  119. Pedders offers Trailing Arm bushing
  120. Anyone install strut bushings themselves?
  121. BMR Launches New Product - G8 Driveshaft Tunnel Brace (DTB004)
  122. Brake options
  123. Looking to Get That "Evo-Type" Handling
  124. Pedders EP1167 Diff bush supplemental install sheet
  125. BMR vs. Stock Trailing Arm Pics
  126. Front sway bar connector
  127. Suspension Advice
  128. Painted Calipers - Now brakes squeak - HELP Me
  129. Pedders Touring Package with no drop
  130. GXP Rotors
  131. Pedders EP6560 & 1169 install advice
  132. GRRRR8 Suspension Bolt Kits
  133. Anyone using slotted rotors on track?
  134. w00t SS lines are on
  135. I will have a GXP caliper in a couple of days....
  136. Lowering Options
  137. Street I and sway bars
  138. Pedders day april 18 medina oh. Free inspections lifetime warranty, discounts
  139. West Coast Customs Gets Pedderised
  140. Pedders Works with With West Coast Customs. On TV in May
  141. New Cross-member Fabbed
  142. Suspension Noise
  143. Well I pulled the trigger...
  144. Pedders Xa set at 600mm front and 610mm rear
  145. Stock coil length and spring rate
  146. Has anyone tried Hawk or Carbotech pads?
  147. Pedders street 1 component installation supplements
  148. Front Radius Rod Bushing Replacement Procedure. EP6560
  149. EBC pads now available
  150. Status of pedders xa coil over inventory
  151. BMR's installed, no more hoppy
  152. cost of 4 wheel alignment?
  153. Brembo brakes?
  154. GXP Brempo Brake Pad Options
  155. Pedders Sub Frame Bushing Question
  156. E.T.M.C. is now stocking Pedders sus parts!
  157. The Monkee Machine gets pedderized!!!
  158. Noise coming from front end?
  159. Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines
  160. GXP Brakes on GT
  161. Brake life question
  162. Pedders Upper rear control arm inner bushing question.
  163. Pedders question
  164. Two really stupid questions Because I don't know??
  165. Lowering a car that already rubs...
  166. Brake job
  167. Another OEM Strut Collapse Question
  168. Slotted/drilled rotors - pros and cons
  169. Decided to Pedderize
  170. Track II plus BMR Trailing Arms = What?
  171. Pedderization in Pittsburgh?
  172. Bracket / Caliper Torque Specs?
  173. Pedders day june 20th at east texas muscle cars
  174. Pedders Xa Street + Strut tower Brace Pictorial Install
  175. Warped Rotors
  176. Caliper Stickers ?
  177. Pedders Systems Info Request
  178. Pedders bushing ? for Charlie.
  179. The G8 dropped a little...
  180. Rear Springs
  181. Bedding in new rotors and pads-how?
  182. GXP to GT Brembo Brake installation
  183. GXP brakes on my GT-photos
  184. Question about ABS after brake job
  185. Pedders Struts...
  186. Wheel stud
  187. What do i need to get from Pedders?
  188. Default struts in GXP?
  189. Caliper Paint Color?
  190. Loud pop making turn from a stop
  191. Small Drop?
  192. Pedders street II after 19k miles
  193. passenger side suspension noise/popping sound
  194. I'm Back, Did you miss me?
  195. Anyone using Koni yet?
  196. Greetings from SNL Performance!
  197. Line Lock- who is near Pittsburgh?
  198. Who's got Baer's?
  199. GXP Suspension vs GT Suspension
  200. How much stiffer is Pedder's springs vs stock?
  201. 08 G8 GT Alignment specs
  202. Pedders Xa's street Installed (pics)
  203. Wandering suspension?
  204. Rear Central Jack Point?
  205. Tein Springs
  206. squealing brake question
  207. 10% off PEDDERS PARTS ONLY at ETMC!
  208. Pedders XA's FINALLY on.
  209. Pressure Tube Diameter
  210. XA adjustment's vs. stock
  211. dba rotors and other brake stuff...
  212. Pedders Xa Coilover Pre-Order - $250.00 Down
  213. Line lock day complete!
  214. G8 v6 alignment problems
  215. Will go any where for suspension mods
  216. New Toe and Camber adjusters from Pedders.
  217. Magneride f55
  218. Pedders makes rear camber & toe eccentrics with greater range & lifetime warranty
  219. Many thanks and cudos
  220. is there really going to be a pedders day in seattle?
  221. Brake Rotors Warped?
  222. out of control
  223. possibly a dumb question
  224. Pedders Suspension Tutorials
  225. Where did you put your LineLock switch?
  226. BMR Trailing Arms
  227. Pedders StreetII Tomorrow
  228. Hawk Performance Brake Pad Sale!!!
  229. Sway Bars?
  230. I finally installed my Xa coilovers
  231. My new suspension noise...
  232. Pedders ST. II 1st Impressions
  233. Monroe/GT Dampers?
  234. Great compliment tonight
  235. Pedders offers 3 more StreetII kits for the G8. Can you say sway bars!!
  236. Eibach Springs
  237. Rear suspension clank...
  238. Pedders goes hawaiian august 29th
  239. Clunk
  240. Anyone interested in Tokico struts?
  241. Is this normal? Experts Please (Pics)
  242. Wretched Motorsports is now on Facebook
  243. Talk to me about Pedders....
  244. G8 GXP Brembo Brakes
  245. GXP Brakes... Where do they rub?
  246. Pedders Day at RockSand Racing, Sept 12th.
  247. Alternatives to Pedders bushings
  248. Cult energy challenger equipped with pedders extreme xa track ii system
  249. Pedders Front Tower Strut Brace
  250. Bmr suspension parts