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  1. Whats New
  2. Pontiac ST named
  3. G8 GXP Officially has 415 HP/Ft-Lb
  4. Painted calipers and engine cover
  5. Potentially good news
  6. GXP video
  7. AFM (DOD) on Holden V8's
  8. GXP allotments
  9. Pontiac To Kill RWD G8 After Current Generation
  10. The Holden Commodore is 30 years old this week.
  11. Gtr?
  12. 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP Test
  13. GM Accessories
  14. more part numbers
  15. G8 GT Seats 2008 vs 2009
  16. Vette Z06 Brakes on our G8
  17. Gas Mileage after tune / snow tires?
  18. Anyone good with photoshop?
  19. Helms Product Info DVD Now Available
  20. head liner
  21. GMAC gets new status
  22. Fox news favorite cars
  23. Pricing Info
  24. New V6 for 2010?
  25. Will tunning stop top speed of140mph
  26. Texas motorplex g8 day
  27. When racing sport mode or not on takeoff
  28. *** CHUCK CoW TUNING in SOUTH FLORIDA - Feb 6-8th * HURRY!!! ***
  29. auto setting
  30. How often to oil the Rotofab air filter?
  31. Video Game with a G8 in it, the Wheelman!!
  32. Where can you get g8 shirts,hats,etc
  33. Dfw meet at keller's sat 2/7/09
  34. Chrome GM performance intake
  35. check this out
  36. Rick Bottom Designs G8 at Chicago Auto Show
  37. # your car came off the line
  38. Cool variant
  39. Rumormill: GM slashing Pontiac G8 production by 97%
  40. Performance Question
  41. Updated pics of rides and mods
  42. SLP is making a G8 Firehawk
  43. Grand Prix vs G-8 3.6-V6
  44. Law Enforcement G8
  45. Safety Ratings??
  46. FYI - New ECM's
  47. Pontiac: Alive and Kicking and Part of GMs Future Plans
  48. Lingenfelter G8!!!
  49. Gm's Extended Warr.
  50. Holden News
  51. 2010?
  52. 2010 G8 Sport truck
  53. Thought you guys might like seeing this
  54. So Does Anyone Get That Feeling...
  55. G8 Sales for March 2009 NUMBERS HERE!
  56. Oh No! GM may drop Pontiac, GMC brands
  57. G8 vs CTS V
  58. GM Shutting Down up to 9 weeks
  59. New 2009 PSM GT Price
  60. Apparantly official...take it for what it's worth
  61. GM will kill Pontiac The Detroit News
  62. No More Pontiac News Came Today 4/27/09
  63. What is the future of the Commodore (G8 GXP) in the U.S. now that Pontiac is dead?
  64. GM Dealership Satellite Meeting Today
  65. Repaint and Tranny Service
  66. "The Rest of the Pontiac E-Mail" on 4-27-09
  67. Detroit Area Pontiac Dealer seeks to buy Pontiac
  68. Received a letter form Pontiac yesterday
  69. End of GM Performance
  70. Looking to buy a G8 GT
  71. gas guzzler???
  72. Red Speedo illumination
  73. Influential Forum
  74. MV Agusta Exhaust
  75. Do I need an update?
  76. Distorted Clear Plastic on Dash
  77. Hood latch cable broke!
  78. Fiberglass hoods soon maybe
  79. Firehawk On Motorweek
  80. Color #'s for 09'
  81. Even Consumer Reports Is Asking Why GM? Why? Why Kill The G8
  82. An important message from Troy Clarke, President, GM North America‏
  83. GM Reinvention TV Ad
  84. The Detroit News Yesterday
  85. GXP Not to be re-branded for sure.
  86. SPEC clutch
  87. Breakdown?
  88. Not too late for the G8?
  89. GM Powertrain Warranty
  90. Top Gear Next Week
  91. Two G8 Recall items
  92. When is GM going to stop production on the G8?
  93. Game Over: Fritz Henderson Says No Rebadged G8 - EVER
  94. Walkinshaw Performance
  95. Interesting Discussion On Fox News G8 GXP Versus...
  96. In case this has not be talked about.
  97. Hurst G8 Announced
  98. makes sense to me. uaw to the rescue.
  99. 3,622 G8s Sold In June 2009
  100. August 2009 car and driver article scan
  101. G8 to be a Chevrolet Caprice per Lutz!
  102. Steve Rattner Out As Head Of Auto Task Force
  103. Lutz on GM
  104. Pontiac G8 Does Well In JD Power 90 Day Owners Survey
  105. Fox on Lutz comments, and more GXP props
  106. Tell Fritz Henderson to "Keep The G8!"
  107. G8 on MSN
  108. G8 CAI weekend build
  109. G8 being sold in Australia to use up parts -
  110. APS under fire on LS1Tech...
  111. Washington Post Columnist Warren Brown discusses Bluetooth in the Pontiac G8
  112. Jet performance mass air flow sensor
  113. Is GM teasing us or taunting us now?
  114. What is this, a G8 Ute???
  115. G8 May Still Live?!?!
  116. Less Than 70 Pontiac G8 GXPs Left
  117. fyi
  118. GM to unveil new RWD police car
  119. Salvage G8, would you mess with this???
  120. Is Everyone Really that Dissappointed in the Car
  121. Recall notice for my car
  122. Pontiac G8 To Be "Sold" In Australia
  123. Consumer Reports Gives The Pontiac G8 GT/GXP A Recommended Rating
  124. Look what I saw on the freeway LAPD Pontiac G8
  125. Pontiac dealer close outs = $4500 OFF G8!
  126. Article on which cars are help the Auto Industry
  127. Autoline Detroit Interview, Must View!
  128. Cold Air Intake for G8
  129. Cargo Organizer
  130. G8 to be rebadged as Impala? New thread 11-24-09
  132. Front end squeaking on cold mornings
  133. $6,500 off ANY Pontiac
  134. G8 GT "week 19" build request
  135. Looking for a new G8 GT
  136. Find my G8 in this pic :)
  137. seat belt broke
  138. Pontiac Preferred Owner Program
  139. Engine Cover Question
  140. Thank you gm!
  141. Okay, shoot me if there's a thread here on this, but . . .
  142. G8 Commodore is not dead???? NOT YET!!
  143. Problem
  144. Pontiac Ute or El Camino ?
  145. What would you pay for this car?
  146. Leather Arm Rest
  147. Aftermarket intakes for your G8 GT
  148. car audio
  149. First time tuning, newb questions
  150. Do NOT buy from DDM Tuning
  151. Long-Term quality
  152. Valentine One Radar Detector
  153. Ordering the VMS 93 octane tune...
  154. I am ready to buy a G8!!
  155. Engine shake at idle
  156. Never thought I'd see the day...
  157. Read the TOS! :)
  158. Dust inside headlight lens casing
  159. Walkinshaw Performance releases the Pontiac G8 wagon we've always wanted
  160. on star navigation well worth it
  161. Invisicord pictures
  162. Is there a difference between the mufflers on the GT versus GXP?
  163. Full iPod/iPhone Software Reviews-How to enjoy your iPod/iPhone
  164. Future Models - Holden 2012 Commodore
  165. Holden Commodore SS V SE: review
  166. Had some starting issues
  167. Solo preformance Axle back exhaust or Yella Terra with Hi-perf Filter?
  168. VE Series II
  169. Clutch issues
  170. Seat Belt Issues Need info from all.
  171. Yella Terra Concern
  172. Pssst, it's a secret, but here's the Commodore Series 2
  173. It's Baaaaaaack! G8 Re-incarnated
  174. 5 Dead Auto Brands And Why They Died.
  175. Weird smell from A/C at start up
  176. Modded and Warranty
  177. Climate Control Blower Wheel Noise
  178. What would it take to turn a 2009 G8 GT into something comparable to the Firehawk?
  179. HID upgrade
  180. General Discussion about that Huge Pontiac G8 Firehawk Auction going on this week
  181. Holden unveils VE Series II upgrade to Commodore range
  182. Front Alignment Kit G8/GT
  183. 2011 Caprice PPV (aka Commodore LWB)
  184. 2011 Automotive Hot List: The Departed...
  185. How to tell if the car was tuned / chip enhancement???
  186. Hood Repair cost
  187. Rattle
  188. Best Tune for me
  189. Pontiac, maker of muscle cars, ends after 84 years.
  190. It's still Holden on to the American dream
  191. RIP Tom Walkinshaw
  192. Problem with Heater?
  193. Remote start clicking
  194. Breakthrough promises $1.50 per gallon synthetic gasoline with no carbon emissions
  195. Storage of Parts
  196. Where to buy hacked atari
  197. What Happens When Dealership Refuses to Work on Your Pontiac G8?
  198. how can you tell if you have a dead fuel pump?
  199. Door problem
  200. Front passenger rubbing noise...
  201. Saw prototype G8/Caprice/Impala in Rochester MI yesterday
  202. Battery replacement on key fob
  203. The Ute Coming to America??
  204. Instant classics: Iconic cars of the last decade - G8
  205. Must watch videos for G8 owners of OZ production line
  206. Door Lock Question
  207. Help!G8 Newbie
  208. Performance Chip Question
  209. Front end suspension noise
  210. GM doing fine at retaining Pontiac owners
  211. High pitch humming noise whenever i go above 67mph...and only when i push on the gas
  212. Pontiac red Arrow Paint
  213. IT'S BACK! Breaking news
  214. More Rumors
  215. THE VF!! Chevy SS???
  216. collectible?
  217. Where to start?
  218. Cutouts= less power
  219. Left Lane News Has Spy Pics Of the 2014 Chevrolet SS Performance
  220. Camaro SS wheels trade for 19'' stocks g8's
  221. Chevrolet Performance 2014 Catalog.
  222. 2009 Pontiac G8 V6 (LY7) Check Engine Light
  223. Two more evolutions of the Holden Commodore
  224. How to find out what number G8 i have?
  225. G8 Stock Exhaust Center Muffler Section Wanted
  226. What's do I need when I buy a 6disc/screen
  227. Stock or Mods?
  228. painted front fascia
  229. G8 GXP pricing question
  230. Best bang for my buck!
  231. SS/G8 Article from way back in 2013
  232. HID questions!
  233. Pontiac Nationals/ 2014
  234. The Rover
  235. Pontiac G8 Something is draining my battery
  236. G8/GTO (Holden) Takeover Topeka Show N Go (CANCELLED)
  237. G8 3rd Brake Light Covers
  238. Jeremy said it: It's official - New HSV
  239. DOD and oil relief valve
  240. Replacement Front Dash Speaker
  241. Hood insulator g8 gt
  242. 2500-3000 rpm range converter
  243. Tires and wheels???? Help
  244. G8/GTS Front Bumper
  245. Superchips F5 Flashpaq 2845
  246. My F1X Procharger Build
  247. Intro, catching up, G8 #2 Sorta semi build thread thing
  248. Fuel Tank Filler Door Lock
  249. radiator top hose
  250. Mishimoto Radiator for Holden VE Commodore?