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  1. How many people are waiting on the GXP?
  2. LS3 engine specs.
  3. What color GXP are you going to get?
  4. Post about test driving a GXP
  5. GXP Pricing Released?!?
  6. New flurry of test drives out today.
  7. Potential GXP drivers seem to be backing out.
  8. What will be your first mods for your GXP?
  9. Which transmission are you getting on your GXP?
  10. Motortrend test drives the GXP.
  11. New GXP test drive, GXP compared to Evo
  12. Vauxall VXR8 (British GXP) video.
  13. Gxp official price release!!!
  14. GXP scheduled to arrive in port this week!
  15. GXP's are in the system.
  16. I'm pretty sure my dealer will be glad to be rid of me.
  17. Why I'm getting a GXP...
  18. Looks like someone got a GXP in Pasadena, CA
  19. Getting my GXP next week (hopefully)
  20. Anyone that wants a GXP near Atlanta...
  21. Picked up the gxp!!
  22. Another GXP today...
  23. Why I should have waited for a GXP
  24. Pontiac Vehicle Locater for GXPs.
  25. Pontiac.com now has GXPs on it.
  26. New User...not too good at this
  27. Stock G8 GXP dyno numbers?
  28. Just drove a gxp 6spd !!!!!!wow
  29. NEW GXP pictures
  30. My dealer finally has a silver GXP!!
  31. First GXP dyno!!!
  32. Pick up scheduled
  33. GXP Payments?
  34. Available GXP
  35. Full Size Spare for GXP
  36. Picked-Up My GXP
  37. Spotted at Thompson in Raleigh
  38. What did you pay for your GXP?
  39. GXP - The one year wonder?
  40. Possibly a light at the end of the tunnel!
  41. Black GXP
  42. Finally Test drove one yesterday
  43. Any GXP videos out there?
  44. Can you say "Road Trip"
  45. Production run question?
  46. Superchips Needs A GXP For a Test and Tune
  47. Got the GXP tuned!
  48. Splash Guards / Mud Flaps
  49. Opinion: GXP>GT or GT>GXP?
  50. this 1-4 shifting noise! VENDOR HELP!
  51. MotorWeek
  52. GXP LT dyno numbers??
  53. Auto GXP owners
  54. RED auto GXP just arived in Cincinnati
  55. Free Vector tune
  56. 2 GXPs in Cary, NC (and a cool Mustang pic)
  57. Stock GXP A6, 328 hp?
  58. Another Livernois Tuned GXP Video
  59. 1000 miles and went to the track!
  60. Cabin Heat From Engine?
  61. My build thread for the GXP
  62. skip shift eliminator
  63. I knew it would happen....
  64. GXP oh so close!
  65. What's wrong with this picture?
  66. Catch Can Installed on GXP
  67. GXP's
  68. One less GXP in Michigan tonight!!
  69. First STOCK GXP in the 12's
  70. Video Of 12.81 Pass
  71. LS3 Cam Choices for the GXP
  72. And yet another less GXP in Michigan!
  73. plans
  74. Rubber
  75. VMS GXP Roto-Fab, NE OTR & Vararam Specific Tunes Complete!!
  76. Summer issue of Pontiac Performance
  77. Will we see the 2010 G8 GXP?
  78. VMS GXP Dyno Results!!
  79. GXP trans cooler
  80. Final(?) GXP Production #'s
  81. Gxp mpg
  82. city/hwy mpg rating
  83. gxp totalled
  84. My dealer has 3 GXP's
  85. Built # of car of many made
  86. G8 GXP: The last drive - blog article
  87. What are you all paying for the GXPs?
  88. manual or auto?
  89. Gxp + slp
  90. Stryker Blue GXP manual
  91. LS3 cam swap Help!!!!!
  92. GXP Maybe?
  93. Finally an owner!
  94. GXP's at Hendrick
  95. 2 Auto GXPs Available
  96. liquid red to silver GXP
  97. Where is the oil cooler?
  98. Dairy of a mad man
  99. GXP in a Pennzoil TV add
  100. G8 GXP brochure?
  101. Break in Necessary?
  102. Grrrr8 dealer experience!
  103. Skip Shift (CAGS) Eliminator Install
  104. Shifters: Rip Shift or Hurst
  105. Great...but sad review.
  106. Black G8 GT to White G8 GXP
  107. GXP dealer installed "track pack"
  108. Exhaust backfire at speed in stock GXP?
  109. MS gxp
  110. Unfamiliar WOT noise on my GXP?
  111. Can I order a new G8 GXP from the assy plant?
  112. Belt Slipping Issues on the GXP?
  113. Gxp lover? This will make you cry--
  114. Holden triple gauge pack
  115. Steering Wheel
  116. Camaro transmission problems --- GXP?
  117. CAIs that fit the GXP?
  118. Hawk Pads
  119. showing off a little
  120. GXP owners sign in
  121. A6 GXP question...
  122. Disappointed
  123. GXP Aftermarket header issues...
  124. my Stykers pics..
  125. GXP Pro-charged
  126. GXP gets notice on Autoblog.com
  127. I hate freaking dynos.
  128. GXP Statistics Thread
  129. Sunday Best...
  130. Hot White GXP 6M with red inserts at Vestal (NC)
  131. Vector tune with roto-fab CAI
  132. Wheels
  133. Magnetic Gray Metallic GXP
  134. Calling All GXP Owners
  135. New mods to the GXP!!!
  136. GXP retail?
  137. Total GXP Production Projections
  138. GXP wheels
  139. Resonator
  140. Engine making ticking noise
  141. My mod list is complete..4 now..
  142. Russell Brake Hose Kit - 08-09 Pontiac G8 GT
  143. Front end shimmy?! HELP!
  144. New Member, sayin Hi
  145. GXP's almost gone?
  146. 2 problems with my GXP
  147. Another Stock GXP A6 in the 12's
  148. Lope And Cold-Start Hesitation - Normal?
  149. WTF! I'll have whatever he's had.
  150. Some pics of my GXP
  151. Funny Shudder/Rattle
  152. freakin dealership...
  153. My dyno numbers...
  154. The Chief's Last Stand
  155. Recall campaign # 2009203
  156. Posts of my GXP on YouTube
  157. Dynoed the Pontiac G8 GXP ;)
  158. 2nd dumb thing on GXP & GT
  159. Anyone with a cam?
  160. Headers for GXP
  161. What the heck is...
  162. another GXP catch can install
  163. 5K HID lights installed today
  164. My latest updates...
  165. My GXP dyno pull...
  166. These wheels on GXP?
  167. Night mode not right.
  168. GXP Sales Consultant Brochure
  169. Need a part number please
  170. Updated GXP Production Projections
  171. Sprung a coolant leak
  172. Need a little help!!!!!
  173. MGW Shifter in GM High-Tech
  174. New tires for the GXP!
  175. GXP Registry Expansion Update
  176. Purchased some Nitto NT05 tires.
  177. GXP Passenger mirror
  178. New Best ET
  179. My GXPs Spring 2010 Mods
  180. new here some pictures of my gxp
  181. M6 downshifting speeds?
  182. Any interest in a Brembo rear brake kit?
  183. Front Brake Upgrade
  184. GXPs in the 12s
  185. Quick Question
  186. Aux Trans Cooler help
  187. M6 shifter dust boot, does it exist ?
  188. Fluid changing on the TR6060 transmission
  189. M6 Fluid Issue
  190. New TR6060 is on the way.finally
  191. Can anyone help me find this ring?
  192. New GXP Mod Lord of the Ring
  193. Twin Turbo GXP on Ebay
  194. $57,500 GXP on Ebay!
  195. GXP rotor options?
  196. MGW Shifter with Race Knob-Installed!
  197. Almost crossed over to the dark side.
  198. Some dude just backed into my baby!
  199. Bolt-ons and dyno tune
  200. Just got rear-ended
  201. SBM M6 GXP For Sale in Houston
  202. gxp texas ?
  203. Sssshhhh - Please be quiet.
  204. Question About Value/Sale of Modified GXP
  205. Missing panel?
  206. early xxxmas for me! Livernois Tune came in the mail today.
  207. Holy Crap! 6-Speed GXP for $27.x thousand!!!
  208. GXP's in North Carolina
  209. Quick history of my GXP (A6)
  210. Happy GXP New Year!
  211. Is This A good Price?
  212. Smoking Deal - Camaro SS Wheel SET $600
  213. $45,100 GXP sold at B-J
  214. 2009 GXP white hot onyx/red for sale 6M
  215. Took the beast to the track for the first time (Summit Point)
  216. Hi-Ho Silver!
  217. I've got money to burn. Corsa time? Other?
  218. GXP spare
  219. Want to Take Your G8 to Charlotte AutoFair - April 9, 2011
  220. Nice deal - ebay - MGM GXP M6 16k miles...$29k BIN.
  221. Tire pressures
  222. low mile gxp on ebay
  223. finally done...almost
  224. You asked about the ride....
  225. Potential Buyer
  226. Trade in for an LSA CTS-V
  227. Ebay LR GXP w/Stripes
  228. What kind of LSD is in the GXP?
  229. G8 GXP lsx 454 and mod questions, Answers and Suggestions?
  230. looking for silver GXP
  231. jalopnik
  232. I'm part of the GXP club
  233. GXP threw AC belt
  234. It's about time
  235. What's it take to get 11 second GXP
  236. Great deal on a GXP
  237. Heads/Cam GXP Build Thread
  238. Build # of my GXP
  239. Theres MPG threads, what about brand of gas?
  240. One of the Rarest GXPs is For Sale on Auto Trader in TN
  241. WH GXP w/M6...$28.9k with 46k miles
  242. Anyone weigh thier G8?
  243. Just Traded M6/PBM/onyx/sunroof GXP to local dealer
  244. Thinking aloud...
  245. BMR Suspension is looking for a G8 GXP for testing!!!
  246. Red guages or black guages
  247. Want SEATS!
  248. GXP on Ebay
  249. What are the best starting mods?
  250. Five future automotive collectibles