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  1. Stock 0-60 time?
  2. extra bolts
  3. L76 engine specs
  4. Fakery - scoops, fender vents, diffuser
  5. Those who mod heavy, how did you choose your tuner?
  6. Steering wheel trim issue
  7. interior trim headache
  8. Lug Pattern
  9. Good pricing on new2009 G8 GT's NOW!
  10. Please help Rim Question....
  11. Dash hawk questions
  12. Anyone looking for Stryker Blue Metallic G8 GT?
  13. The mods are stacking up!
  14. tranny question
  15. Look what I got...
  16. Apparently the universe hates me.
  17. alittle concerned
  18. A few observations
  19. Observation
  20. Front End Problem
  21. Paint problems
  22. lower gears
  23. She's TUNED!
  24. Accelerator Pedal Got Stuck Tonight!
  25. Steering wheel / shifter vibration, Drone? (not AFM)
  26. Service Manuals?
  27. Weird sound from windshield wipers
  28. Tire Problem/Attemped repair
  29. Is a cover missing?
  30. Shifter Moving while braking ??
  31. My review after 1 week of ownership..
  32. Fastest Top Speed Run??
  33. Raced a "paper plate" Mustang GT today
  34. Tap, Tap, Tap...!
  35. Too Heavy?
  36. G8 GT - Twitchy at stop lights
  37. Just a Hypothetical ? about roll racing.
  38. 0% APR for 72 months?
  39. Garage Flooring..?
  40. Replacing dome lights w/ LED's.
  41. Aussie Mud?
  42. Vararam or Superchips Cortex?
  43. Gas Mileage
  44. Whistling noise on startup after 1k miles?
  45. Safety Recalls
  46. Bolt on performance parts that don't void the warranty?
  47. What to do with $2000...
  48. Pypes Violator vs. Magnaflow Axleback
  49. My 09.5 G8 GT on the dyno, with mods :D
  50. Rough Idle and "surging" when coasting
  51. New Folding Key: Cutting it?
  52. My Stock G8 vs. SRT8 Challenger
  53. would it help to remove mufflers?
  54. The first 888...
  55. Sportwagon?
  56. Oh dear god no...
  57. no recalls? is this right?
  58. Insurance Company
  59. Looking for my options..
  60. Shattered at the pump...
  61. What is the ground clearance on these cars?
  62. making the switch to "Premium" Gas
  63. ... how to tell if AFM is enabled?
  64. Day with G8
  65. is modding impractical for me?
  66. Still in the 14's....
  67. Stability control
  68. getting better with mileage
  69. Shattered at the Pump, Pt. 2
  70. Dash Rattle at WOT?????
  71. two questions!
  72. Noises...
  73. Ignition Key tumbler....
  74. what did you pay for your GT?
  75. Leaking door seal???
  76. Need advice on pricing a G8
  77. G8 owners in Bloomington, IL area?
  78. Found my (almost) twin here in Memphis
  79. Just picked up my new G8 GT - QUESTIONS!!
  80. Thinking of purchasing a dealer demo
  81. What kind of jack?
  82. best cam kit
  83. Help!! Everything just died
  84. Sun visor question
  85. Please read post i posted in GXP
  86. remote start distance
  87. Lug nut torque?
  88. HomeLink in visor
  89. So I let my wife drive my G8 GT . . .
  90. Head Lights
  91. Failed remote start - loud ticking.
  92. Re-Modifying...
  93. Check engine light
  94. Pull to the right/left?
  95. What car number am I?
  96. I've finished the upgrades.
  97. Silver G8's produced??
  98. Is this a good price??
  99. Headers = Fail Emission???
  100. oil and trans coolers
  101. drag coeff's for g8
  102. Chirping 3rd!
  103. G8 GT Curb Weight
  104. First mod?
  105. racing a moded STI
  106. What the hey?
  107. My buddy just got a 2008 Mustang Bullitt
  108. vararam vs roto
  109. 09 and 09.5?
  110. Burnt plastic smell
  111. Anybody Have a Window Sticker Scanned?
  112. "Clicking" on start up.
  113. VMS Tune Shift points?
  114. Door Rattle
  115. Helm manual
  116. Best place for cam install
  117. Help Me Choose My Next Round of Mods and Why...Please Vote
  118. It's my tune & dyno day!!
  119. Where is everybody getting their GXP bumper covers for cheap?
  120. repainting the car matte black....?
  121. Never Realized How Big it Is....
  122. 750 good price for camaro ss brakes
  123. Some G8 GT Pics
  124. Has anyone tried to install factory bluetooth?
  125. Did some modding
  126. What do you all think of this price?
  127. just bought a set of 2010 20" camaro rims for the GT
  128. Couple quick shots of my G8
  129. Add me to the gas cap cel list
  130. Big, Fat, Car
  131. How much should LT header install cost?
  132. Weird noise/vibration since the camaro rim install
  133. Front driver side window makes scraping noises when rolling up/down
  134. Power window ?
  135. ...so what's a new rear bumper cost? :-/
  136. Wholesale Value Needed, Please/Thank You
  137. Front Driver side window is slower than Passenger side
  138. Headers, intake, exhaust, custom tune= what hp?
  139. 2 GT's Spotted in Greece, NY Parking Lot
  140. G8 GT in Niagara Fall, New York
  141. The Penguinmobile will be on the "For Sale" list soon.
  142. ash tray (for coins)
  143. 23K and A/C Compressor is shot...
  144. Camera is not my friend
  145. Miles on your G8
  146. Headers: Locking header bolts or OEM bolts?
  147. Corsa/ G8 Bumper Totaled in Red-Light Crash!!!
  148. Talk me into or out of my plans
  149. Does anybody know how many 09.5 g8 gt were made?
  150. New Uncut Flip Key. How/Where to get it cut?
  151. Too Many Miles?
  152. Emblem placement
  153. Winter is Here
  154. CFO approved $5k for the car
  155. Help me pick my next round of mods.
  156. Speed Channel's "Battle of the Supercars..."
  157. Metamorphosis is Complete!
  158. Putting parts on- how to?
  159. New Vanity Tags Came In :)
  160. G8's at Charlotte AutoFair - Saturday April 9, 2011?
  161. Gotta get the G8 out of the garage
  162. android app - drag racing
  163. Owned!
  164. My Black on Black R8 (G8 GT?)
  165. I Really Enjoy the G8 Rarity
  166. Thinking of Trading in my 09 G8 GT
  167. Sunroof noise (whistle)
  168. Has it really been that long?
  169. Burnout
  170. Finally got a video of the car with a start-up, take-off, and some revs.
  171. sooo i just bought a g8 now what to do next.....
  172. Next Mod Step?
  173. Would you make this trade?
  174. Trouble with giving me back my key...
  175. Just got my first 09 G8 Gt
  176. looking for Trapezoid Unique Stainless Exhaust Tips
  177. Ported G8 throttle body core swaps?
  178. I finally Rolled My Car....
  179. 50,000 Miles!
  180. Cylinder Heads Stolen
  181. Finally got weight
  182. My new ride !!
  183. Anyone know this car? 2009.5 SRM GT at Thompson Toyota in Doylestown, PA
  184. Is this a good deal for an 09 GT?
  185. LastMohican's 2009 White Hot G8 GT is for sell!
  186. Had a wreck
  187. One mean firebird
  188. High mileage - Should I pass?
  189. One quick Question
  190. Is a used stage 1c worth anything???
  191. G8 Powertrain Warranty Work @ 80k miles - Very Pleased
  192. VIN Check
  193. I lurve (love...for the ebonically challenged) my G8!!!!
  194. Warranty Coming To An End
  195. Ssv I think yes
  196. G8 front to SSV front change?
  197. Shipping to APO?!?!
  198. So, how much would you pay...
  199. The Six Million Dollar G8
  200. To many miles for power adders?
  201. Best way to ask??
  202. spyder auto tail lights
  203. had a question about warranty
  204. Any G8s from Temple TX area?
  205. GXP sighting
  206. upon start up, sounds like popcorn
  207. Best GF ever? V8 Supercar ticks say so!!
  208. lets hear'em...Post Up your Cammed Car Idle Clips
  209. Road trip roll call...... Austin in may.
  210. Played around with my go pro and the G8 Recently installed Kooks LT!
  211. Quality shops in Colorado
  212. Offical 5 years of ownership today :)
  213. 510 Race Engineering Procharger special
  214. LS 7 swap
  215. Tire pressure sensor ?
  216. Kobalt spark plug socket kit cheap.
  217. Where to get production numbers?
  218. What's your G8 weigh?
  219. DBA Assistance
  220. Remote start
  221. Trading in a tuned car?
  222. Officially an owner!
  223. What's the best all season tire?
  224. Looking at buying a g8 gt
  225. New to fast cars... help?
  226. Saw this on reddit
  227. Need help asap
  228. Spare Key
  229. DOD lifter preload
  230. Newbie with stock gt. just got vcm cai and solo hfc
  231. xm radio help
  232. G8 GT BlueTooth
  233. Black Cat Customs Holden SS Gauge Overlay Available...
  234. Square GM Badge Location
  235. 427 is on it's way, what now
  236. This is what I got to come home to today...
  237. Water leak
  238. 5 years today!
  239. Installed roof rack last night.
  240. Got my SLP headers today!!
  241. How do you purchase a vehicle with a lien on it and ensure you receive the title from
  242. Buying out of state from a private seller
  243. Gas Tank Vent Issue?
  244. Extra set of eyes
  245. Need real advice- Oil Leak
  246. Thank You Guys
  247. My build thread
  248. Project Thunder
  249. looking for grills
  250. AmericanRacingHeaders (Tech/Installation/Results) Questions? please post............