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Thread: radiator top hose

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    Default radiator top hose

    Looks like it is a common issue that the retaining ring breaks and separates causing the top hose to come off. Has anyone on here seen and used the new part number 92234040 to see if GM corrected/fixed the issue? Mine broke and the hose came off and I'm trying to determine if I should do the quick fix of a hose clamp, or replace the radiator with the new part#. Thanks everyone!

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    Last I heard, and I may be wrong here, but people were going with the cold case radiator instead because they didn't have any confidence that the stock one wouldn't do the same thing again.

    Then again, the last guy that installed the cold case unit needed to install it with a big freaking hammer to get it to clear the frame rails. They have some fitment issues here and there...

    Maybe get with Greg@PacePerformance and see if he has any info on the new part number...
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    I recommend replacing it with ADPI/PRO here for $100..,radiator,2172
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