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Thread: ABS Fault

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    Default ABS Fault

    A couple weeks ago, I got the dreaded abs fault and we all know a Cortex will not read abs faults. Well, I know now. After much research and reading, I knew it could be several things. In order to narrow it down, I went to have the code read at my local Autozone.

    I ask the dude to come read a code and he gets to the car, plugs his reader up and turns the ignition on and then turns to me and say you don't have any codes which prompts me to say are you looking at my dash. He then tells me they don't read abs faults, but the have readers for sale. I go in and he points them out and I see the $100+ and tell him to have a good day.

    I leave there and stop at O'Reilys and no, they don't read abs faults either. Ok, I'm not too far from the old Pontiac dealership so I pull up in the service line, there's no cars outside, and I go inside and there's 3 dudes behind the counter and nobody in the waiting room. Great. This won't take long. I ask them how much they'd charge me to read the abs code and tell me so I'd know which wheel it was. One dude tells me it'll be 1 to 2 hours. I thought he misunderstood and said no, I don't want you to fix it, I just want it read and he says yeah, it'll be 1 to 2 hours.

    I just turn around and walk out. 3 guys standing there and they couldn't walk in the back, get the reader and walk to my car. Pathetic. Now I'm just swallowing the fact that I need to buy me a abs reader. Right when I get home, it hits me. I've been paying Onstar $25 a month since I've had the car and hit the button. Told the dude I needed a code read and he said hold on. In just a minute, he came back on and said it's 0050 the right rear. Bingo. Just what I needed to know.

    I already knew about the wiring harness and the common wire problem so I went ahead and bought a new harness from a gm parts site and a sensor. Changed out the sensor and cranked it up and it cleared the fault. I started to go ahead and swap the harness, but decided not to. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?
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    I just wanted one.

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    first off at autozone they will rent one of the other scanners. or the ones near me do - you're going to want the newest Innova product they have on the shelf. Maybe not every store has that for rent but check.

    Same thing might be the case a Oriely. I never used theirs.

    finally those BT plugs have the ability to read it if the software you use will grab it. I bought an OBD Link product because I was afraid to buy a cheapo OBD connector. I know you can get one for 12 dollars - I don't trust it though.

    They also sell the software that will read GMLAN and thus will read your ABS codes. I think I spent some 280 for the whole thing and you use the laptop software not the mobile software.

    failing all that - first things I would do right now .

    1) check the wire leads on the rear speed sensors - most common fault - cable gets ripped, pulled etc and you lost one of your rear wheel speed inputs.
    2) check the fuses in the dash and underhood location and test them for continuity with a multimeter. Make sure all your ABS related fuses are in good order.
    3) swap the ABS relay for one of equal amperage I think you can use the high beam relay but again it will be evident to you. reasoning - bad relay - no computer power - no abs - light.

    relative easy simple first checks code unknown.

    finally and I hate to say this it never hurts to pull the battery cables for 30 minutes and see if it repeats. - but in your case I would bet it will.
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