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Thread: Cam stalling on decel

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    Default Cam stalling on decel

    So I have a tsp cam 226/236 114lsa with a stock converter. So driving from light to light the car almost wants to stall coming to a stop and Roma drop to like 500 and then come back up to 850. Can I raise my min rpm or change spark on coastdown ?

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    More than likely it's CT downshift torque management killing the timing during the shift.

    #1. Make sure min idle airflow is correct for all gears. Probably needs more airflow for the cam.

    #2. Verify closed throttle downshift speeds are correct. Cam is going to want to idle a little higher. Downshifts need to happen sooner so increase the downshift speed.

    #3. Decrease the shift time.

    #4. Make sure your min idle vs vehicle speed makes sense.

    If it is still clunky, disable CT downshift torque management.

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