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Thread: Hidden 12v plug?

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    Default Hidden 12v plug?

    Has anyone installed a hidden 12v plug somewhere in their dash? I got a dash cam that needs powered VIA a USB cable. I have the HSV gauge pod and lower cubby with the door that closes. I was thinking maybe I could pull the 12v plug out of the original lower cubby and plug it into the connector that was left empty. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, when you install the lower cubby with a door, you find a connector that was factory stashed behind the cubby that has an additional lead to power the light next to the 12v plug. So then I'll have a 12v plug stashed in my dash, plug a USB adapter into it and then the power cable for the dash cam. Anyone see any issues with doing that? Or, if the plug can't be removed from the original cubby, will a generic plug from Autozone or someplace plug into the factory connector? My goal here really is to be able to keep the cubby door closed and power my dash cam, and there isn't enough room to plug anything in and close the door.
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    That's how my phone dock is powered. I have the holden flip door also.
    What I did was take the plug off the cig port and then break apart a cheap 12v to usb charger thing and made one that plugs in the factory plug.
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