I posted this in the other forum but I figured I'd ask here as well. I'm in the process of installing my Speedhut OBDII gauges for the triple pod. I just finished hooking them up, started the car and got nothing. I currently don't have a meter on me to test voltages and what not but I can get one if it's needed. Here is how I have it wired:

Red -> Inline fuse -> Headlight Switch Pink/Blue
White -> Inverter White -> Headlight Switch Yellow
Black -> Inverter Black -> Ground

White -> Gauge White -> Headlight Switch Yellow
Black -> Gauge Black -> Ground

Then of course I have the cable right to the ODBII port. Maybe that's confusing to read but, for anyone who's already installed these, does this seem correct? I took everything back out of the car and rechecked all of my connections and nothing seems loose. I'm grounding it at the bottom of the center stack on the passenger side where a ground already existed. Anyone have any opinions on what may be wrong?