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I emailed RotoFab about this, but maybe someone here can help.

Two things...

One, what thread and pitch is the threaded insert in the tube? I've deleted the line from intake to passenger valve cover, so I need to plug that insert.

Two, the bulb style coupler AFTER the maf tube hits the ps reservoir pretty bad, any problems with airflow turbulence if its BEFORE the maf tube? If not, anyone know where I can get another straight 4x4-1/4 coupler?

Thread for that looks to be 1/4" NPT, I ordered a few products to try and see what I like best. (Rotofab emailed and confirmed)

Also, I'm went and bought a few 3/8 int dia steel spacer/standoffs 1" long and then shorter bolts (m10x1.5x50mm) with 3/16" washers (actually just 3/16" standoffs) to remount the power steering bracket closer to the head. I'll post pics to help the next guy.